Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPad Air – Features and Price Compared

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Apple Incorporated has been renowned for its designing capabilities and the company does it again, in the tablet segment.

iPad Air, the latest release by the company, provides the user with extremely lightweight and awe-inspiring design. In case, you were looking for a premium build tablet offering great performance, the iPad Air would suit you best.

Despite the iPad Air losing weight, the tablet still appears a chunky device. The tablet still lags, in terms of portability. However, the company has tried their level best to make the device more user-friendly in the phablet segment. Apple’s archrival, Samsung Electronics is expected to release the Galaxy Note 4 tablet, which promises to set new standards in the phablet segment.


In terms of display, the iPad Air comes equipped with a 9.7-inch screen. However, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with a smaller screen of 5.7 inches, offering a new level of detail for the masses. The Note 4 may come with a resolution of 4K, which would offer the user with over 500-ppi pixel density. In that case, the Note 4 would come with a huge advantage over the iPad Air tablet. The Apple’s tablet offers the user with a 1536×2048 pixel resolution, which is very less, as compared to the screen size offered by the tablet. It would result in lower pixel density of 264-ppi only. The Note 4 is expected to come equipped with Super AMOLED screen, which would prove to be another advantage over the IPS panel of the iPad Air. The Note 4 would provide better outdoor viewing experience, even in direct sunlight, as compared to the iPad Air screen.

Another major difference between the two tablets would be in the dimensions. The iPad Air is a large tablet because of its massive display. On the other hand, the Note 4 is not only expected to come in the dimensions of a smartphone, but may also weigh less than its counterpart, the iPad Air tablet. The Note 4 is expected to support regular calling and messaging features, by making use of a SIM card.


The iPad Air offers a better multimedia experience, despite having an aspect ratio of 4:3, which is because of its massive 9.7-inch screen. In addition, Apple’s iPad Air comes with various internal storage capacity variants, with the lowest having 16GB and highest being 128GB of internal memory. In comparison, the Note 4 is expected to come equipped with an external storage card slot for memory expansion up to 128GB via memory card. The Note 4 is rumored to come with an internal storage capacity of 64GB for the user.

External card memory support is a feature supported by all the Samsung products. The company would not hold itself back in providing the Galaxy Note 4 with a similar feature.


The Note 4 is rumored to be equipped with 16MP camera, as that of the Galaxy S5 smartphone. It may also come with similar features such as 4K video recording and more. In the camera department, Note 4 is expected to beat the iPad Air tablet with ease. The iPad Air comes with a 5MP sensor, along with standard basic imaging features and qualities. The iPad Air offer full HD video recording, but the sensor does not match up to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


In terms of price, the iPad Air is readily available at $450 for 16GB internal storage capacity and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be released at a price of $750.

Apple Incorporated is a renowned name in the mobile industry. The company has provided the masses with state of the art smartphones and tablets. The iPad Air is no less than any tablet available in the market. However, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 4 would definitely give the Apple Incorporated a run for their money.


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