Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – What to be Expected of Note 4?

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The Galaxy Note 3 has gained a lot of popularity with the masses.

The smart device from Samsung Electronics comes equipped with a large screen, along with a plethora of features catering to the masses with a unique smartphone experience. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released by the company in the third quarter of the year 2014. Let us compare the two smartphones to provide you with an insight of what to be expected of the new release from Samsung Electronics.

At the present stage, there is not enough information about the Note 4. However, it is certain that the Note 4 would be coming with loads of enhancements as compared to its predecessor, the Note 3. The Galaxy Note 3 is not a bad purchase. Regardless, the Note 4 would be a superior variant than the Note 3. One considerable change expected to come in the Note 4 tablet is the inclusion of an iris scanner. The Note 4 is expected to come equipped with a massive 16MP camera, which is most likely to come with an optical image stabilization feature. In addition, the AMOLED technology is most likely to be seen in the Note 4. However, rumors go rampant with the Note 4 to come equipped with the three sided display feature as well. It is expected that the size of the display would be kept around 5.7 inches. Nonetheless, a 5.9-inch screen for the Note 4 is a good speculation as well. It is believed that the display would be paired with a QHD resolution of 2540×1440 pixels, providing the user with top-quality PPI (Pixel per Inch) for a clear viewing experience.

In terms of hardware, the Note 4 would come fitted with the best, as Samsung always strives to deliver the best. Rumors are that the Note 4 tablet would come equipped with the latest and strongest quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor coupled with a RAM of 3GB or more. It is expected that the company would provide a better battery life to the Note 4 smartphone. Storage capacity is also expected to be expandable up to 128GB with microSD card. In terms of internal memory, the Note 4 is expected to come in 32GB and 64GB variants. In terms of software, the Note 4 is rumored to run on Android version 4.4.2 KitKat operating system.

Overall, the Note 4 is expected to be the state of the art product from Samsung Electronics. However, it would not come cheap. The Note 4 is expected to come with a price tag that is greater than that if the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

In comparison, the Galaxy Note 3 comes with the following specs:

  • Snapdragon 800 chipset along with quad core 2.3GHz Krait 400 processor.
  • RAM of 3GB.
  • 32GB internal memory, expandable up to 64GB.
  • 3200 mAh battery.
  • 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen having resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and 386-ppi pixel density.
  • 13MP rear camera having 4128×3096 pixels resolution.
  • Android version 4.3 operating system upgradable to version 4.4.2 KitKat.

The Galaxy Note 3 comes at a steep price. However, the tablet offers top-quality technology matching today’s standards, considering the phablet was released in September 2013. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released very soon, until then; the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to get substantial price-cuts.

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