Mobile game 2048 – Bang on 2048 with Ease

Addicted to the number game? Swiping numbers up, down and sideways has become a habit?

Striving to get to the 2048 ladder? Well, here are the tips and tricks to get sure shot success and hit your 2048 tile with ease and swift!

When there are no penalties for wrong moves, what more can you ask for? Get into the habit of tearing through the 2048 game without even paying much attention at what you’re doing. All you have to do is sit and predict how new blocks will be placed and where – deploying them will be your motto for 2048.

Let’s read on to know the tips and tricks to get to the number…

Work around the Corners

Strategy is the necessity of the hour when it comes to this game, 2048. If you don’t have a strategy in mind, you will probably not reach the number at all. Choose one corner of the whole tile block and stick onto it until the end. Keep diverting all your number tiles to that corner. Spot out the highest value tile in the corner you have chosen and never let the value go away from your ‘king’s place’. Try and pack all the other tiles around this BIG NUMBER. Following this ‘around the corner’ strategy will get you to the number 1024 with ease and there on to 2048.

Freeze on the King’s Place

In this game, the ‘king’s place’ refers to the highest value tile’s placement on your tile board. It is important to freeze the whole tile block onto the bottom right corner and to never let it go. Remember, these tiles will take you to the number for success. To ensure that you do not let go the highest numbered tile, always fill the last row with numbers by pushing the down arrow, so that the usage of left and right arrows while playing will not release the highest value tile. This is one of the major tricks to get to 2048.

Pair up with Perfection

Line up pairs of numbers to attain a bigger number soon enough. The bigger the combination, the quicker you reach the high score!

Keep it Clean

You must exactly figure out when to clear up your tile board. This is one other important trick to get to the dream number in this game. No matter how much strategy you use, there will come a point where you will be blocked from all sides, neither letting you swipe nor move your tiles. So, it is best to clean the tile board at certain checkpoints than to suffer when you are chunked with numbers all around the corner.

Choose your Arrows Effectively

Keep a check on your moves. Until you have no moves left for the side or the bottom, do not touch or use the up arrow. Also ensure that the highest value tile lies somewhere towards the bottom, so that you can stick onto it at least for a while and save it from letting it go from you.

Understanding is More than Important

Understand the 4 main gestures of the tile board – the up, down, left and right swipes. Every time you initiate a swipe, the numbers reposition themselves on the board in the same directions to the maximum possible. Therefore, decide on your move every time before you swipe it.

Chasing High Value Tiles is Not the Secret

If you have been running behind to acquire the high value tiles, then you are playing the board in the wrong way. It is normal to be tempted towards those big numbers, but you might end up with a worse result than what it was to be. Focus on small value tiles and gathering them, you will automatically end up having a higher number than the one you were tempted towards!

Take Advantage of Multiple Tiles

While you keep swiping the numbers, you will see a point where there are multiple stacks of tiles together. Keep your eyes open and alert to such a circumstance. This is where you plunge into action on the board – take the stacks of cards at once. Also, the more open space you maintain on your board, the better. This will allow you to keep bringing in new cards if you plot one in the process of playing.

Hoping these handy tips will make you achieve the mythical 2048 – happy numbering!!

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