iPhone 6 – The Thinnest and Gorgeous Smartphone To Come

Apple is entering the validation stage for its upcoming iPhone 6. The new smartphone will support a new audio slot which will make it thinner than the previous versions of iPhone.  Actually, with the new audio slot we can expect the upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 to be thinner also.

On Weibo a user revealed the most recent details about iPhone 6’s production, according to some sources from Foxconn. It seems that the flagship device has already entered the product validation test or the product verification testing (PVT) stage. This is the process that allows Apple to detect potential problems or other defects that the device might have.

According to G for Games, the Weibo user that revealed this information is named Xiang Ligang. It seems that Apple also finished producing a number of iPhone 6 units to prepare for the final quality control check.

According to a new patent released by US Patent & Trademark Office, which was revealed on August 14, 2014, Apple appears to be working on an audio technology that will slim down all the upcoming bodies of its devices. The patent is named “Long-Throw Acoustic Transducer” and it will feature a moving magnetic piston on the audio speakers. This will allow the devices to offer more vibrant sounds. It seems that this system was meant for the upcoming iPhone 6 and other mobile devices.

In concordance with Patently Apple, the patent application number is 20140226849 and the credit for it goes to Scott Porter, Christopher Wilk and Ruchir Dave.

Likewise other patents, this technology may be or maybe not be added on the actual product. The iPhone 6 is expected to be released on September 9, 2014.


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