Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs Moto G – Prices and Specifications Comparison

The Moto G is one of the latest mid-range smartphones that will be competing against the huge line-up of phones from Samsung.

One of the select few is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo, a phone that came out only in February. Samsung is expecting big things from this phone considering that it is coming up in the Grand series, which have done extremely well in the last few years.


The ultra slim design of the Galaxy Grand Neo is something that will be a major draw amongst buyers since such aspects are usually found in higher end models like the Galaxy S5. However, coming in at just 9.6 mm in thickness, this is one of the thinnest mobile phones in this segment. In comparison, the Moto G is at 11.6 mm thick. The Moto G, though, gets an advantage in terms of weight, which is often a crucial factor that is overlooked, because it weighs just 143 g – a whole 20 g lighter than the Samsung model.


The whole philosophy of the Grand series of phones has been to offer the experience of a large display in a phone that cost half as much. The Galaxy Grand Neo implements this philosophy to the core by offering a 5-inch display, although the resolution is not going to be a positive factor for the device. This is because in just 480 by 800 pixels, this device offers only a pixel density of 186 PPI. The Moto G is Palin good in this regard because it offers a bit of everything.

The Motorola device provides a 4.5-inch display that has a 720p resolution. This not only translates into a meaningful pixel density, but the fact that it comes with the IPS panel makes it even better. Color reproduction levels of the best in this segment, while the display is also legible even when it has to perform at its peak against direct sunlight.


Mid-range smartphones usually offer only a camera with not many features to play around but this is not the case in the Moto G. The five megapixel unit of the device may be a little disappointing, but since it comes with features like autofocus, stereo sound recording, panorama, and 720p HD video recording, it is possible to still enjoy the pictures and videos from this camera. Apart from offering 720p video recording, there is not much to exit the wannabe photographers in the case of the Galaxy Grand Neo.

The Samsung device also comes with a five megapixel camera.


Battery life is in danger of being poor in the Samsung phone since it supports two SIM card slots. The Moto G will support only one SIM. The Samsung is slightly advantageous because it features a removable 2100 mAh battery compared to the non-removable battery of the Moto G. It is almost similar to the Samsung battery in terms of ratings.

The Moto G is one of the finest mid-range smartphone is available at a budget of just $ 200, while the Galaxy Grand Neo offers slightly better performance at $ 250.

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