Half Life 3 – What’s Happening Behind the Scene?

The greatest secret is yet to be revealed, as Half Life 3 is still in the vault.

No official announcements have been heard till date, but a few unofficial leak outs are often seen about the next sequel of Valve’s bestselling Half Life series. Fans are waiting, better to say, fantasizing, the release of this game, for more than a year after the groundbreaking success of Half Life 2 and two of its very own mini-sequels. Rumors spread over globally and surpassed the popularity of the game itself. Some of the online hoax stars took this seriously. They have successfully drawn massive traffic to their desired sites and blog just by using the fake news of Half Life 3 release.

Half Life 3 vs. the Reality

It is evident that fans have a deep desire to see Half Life taking shape into reality. Some of the widely broadcasted Half Life 3 artworks have also fueled this desire and it is still growing bigger. However, if you want to listen to what the Valve founder, Gabe Newell, said to The Washington Post, here it is. He said that Valve is not planning any more sequels to the Half Life 2 at least for now. The team is concentrating on the development of Steam and its recently captured success. Steam is the future of online gaming. Gabe has done it making multiplayer games a commercially successful project and Valve simply follows his path of wisdom in the near future.

Is That the Dead End?

Some pessimistic fans may think otherwise, but there is a sleek chance of hope. So, it is not a dead end and the Half Life franchise definitely has a future. Gabe Newell has seen some of the artworks of Half Life 3 made by fans and he liked it. Isn’t it a little inspiring for fans, who can wait for another two or three years? Valve is willingly keeping it a secret as they have recognized that rumors are doing better work than official announcements. Half Life 3 will come in a bigger way, supposedly, with a redefined multiplayer experience that programmers are now currently developing over Steam platform. You may also expect a console version of Half Life 3, for the newest Steam Box. It will be fresh, maybe with an extended storyline and other modes. So, there are more things in Half Life 3, to stay happy about, because it is not the dead end.

Meanwhile, What You Can Do

Apart from sitting silently and waiting for the next sequel, you can play the already released editions again. All the single player Half Life fans can try multiplayer death matches with Half Life, because they are awesome. Try playing with real players and build a reputable global score. You will also feel nostalgic while playing the first release. Try not to miss the things you have missed earlier. You may have played the game on an old computer, now you have a better one. You can easily give Half Life 2 a try in that new PC for better gaming experience, better graphics, better controls and an overall better gameplay experience.

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