Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date At Unpacked Event – Comes With Flexible Screen

The invites have been sent out by Samsung, as the Korean manufacturer prepares to unveil the much awaited and talked-about Galaxy Note 4. Ever since Samsung confirmed an announcement date for the device through its invitations, namely the 3rd of September, rumors and speculations have gone wild over what the device will look like and it will pack under the chassis.

Multi Angle YOUM Display

There have been reports coming from sources such as G4Games, that the new Samsung phablet device set to release, the Galaxy Note 4, will feature a three-sided display. This display is believed to be bendable, and it is supposed to improve the user’s viewing angle. This report comes in support of an earlier one, which originated on a Korean website, that stated the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come bearing an innovating design, thus making different from Samsung’s last flagship device, the Galaxy S5.

The implementation of a bendable three-sided display, functioning on the YOUM technology is a pleasant surprise, but nothing to be shocked by, as such technology was up for discussion for a long time, not to mention that Samsung actually previewed the technology at CES 2013, proving that it is capable of such technological feats.

Three major devices have hit the market since then, making more or less waves, but neither of them managed to bring forth the YOUM display technology. The devices speculated to bear the display innovation before the Galaxy Note 4 were the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3. Although Samsung’s YOUM technology upgrade skipped these important flagship devices, it seems that the possibility of it finally reaching the market through the Galaxy Note 4 is pretty high.

Samsung’s plans of releasing two variants of the Galaxy Note 4 have surfaced and been confirmed. These include the scheduling of two Galaxy Note 4 releases, a standard version, and a premium version, or better said, special edition. This leads to speculating that the special edition in question might be the Galaxy Note 4 bearing the three-sided YOUM display. This scenario is more plausible, rather than one where the YOUM featuring device will undergo mass production as the standard version.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

The two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not only differ through screen technology (presumably), but also through at least one other feature, namely the processor. It is believed that Samsung will follow the recipe used  for the last two installments of its Galaxy Note series, and release a version of the device using a Snapdragon processor, while the other version rocks  the “home made” Samsung processing unit, the Exynos 5433.

Although there are differences between the two processors, average consumers or less tech savvy users will hardly notice the difference in their day to day usage. The two processors most likely won’t differ just in specifications, but also in availability as well, so there are higher chances for consumers to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon Note 4.

Even though it is exciting to see how talks about the Note 4‘s YOUM display evolve, that won’t be the only feature the device will be able to brag about. It is also set to feature 5.7 inches in screen size, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable internal memory. The camera isn’t that bad either, bearing 16 MP. The device will most likely feature the latest Android version right out the box.

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