Google Maps vs Waze: Free Download Navigator Apps

Last year in 2013 Google acquired Waze for a massive $1.3 billion but Waze still continues to operate as a separate identity.

Till date we have not seen any actual integration between these two bodies, so it is so far apparent that Google bought Waze for its big user base. Google was quick in terms of getting its hands on Waze, when other biggies like Facebook and Apple didn’t even lay their eyes on it. All said, it is still quite confusing to many as to which app should they go for.

How does Google Map Work?

Even before acquiring Waze, Google Maps was probably the best navigation mobile app both on Android and iOS and after taking over Waze it is certainly receiving rave reviews. Apart from its amazing maps, real-time traffic data, and transit data time, it also now offers an added feature, which allows viewing any other important venues on the route. Google Maps also have much different integration of different types of transportation like walking, cycling and public transportation. You can also see many different places like drugstores, restaurants and coffee shops and these can be found along the route. This feature of Google also gets you a totally different route after a real-time traffic data is collected and it can actually affect your journey or trip as well.

How does Waze Work?

Waze is one of the most popular voice-enabled navigation apps and is popular with masses because of its ability to provide detailed turn-by-turn driving directions. What makes this app really special is its real-time data for traffic, which is provided along the route. The data is derived from other drivers who are also logged in to the app and Waze. As a user of the app you are connected to the other users automatically and the app gathers information and data that can affect the route. Some of the great features of the app are that the drivers can report accidents, data related to traffic and other data; this can be very handy. For sending a report all one need to do is, tap the exclamation point seen at the bottom right corner of the screen. The voice prompts in the apps are very understandable and clear, but at times you can feel that the volume is very low. If there is more than one passenger speaking at the same time, it is quite possible that you would miss what is being said.


If we say in simple terms then we can say that Waze is good more for the drivers who are always on the go and looking for driving directions. But Google Maps can be used by one and everyone for finding anything. It won’t be wrong to say that two is better than one. If you already have Google Maps it will surely not hurt downloading Waze as well.

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