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Firefox is slowly starting to look like Chrome and Chrome has started working towards hiding URLs. Even though there are some people who support both moves, these changes have made many people look for other web browser options.

Fortunately, Chrome and Firefox are not the only browsers in the game. This means that you have other viable alternatives such as Pale Moon, Cyberfox and Opera.

Pale Moon

Even though this is a Firefox based browser, it does not support old hardware. It drops the old so that it is able to optimize its performance for newer devices. The Pale Moon developer also has no plans of adopting the user interface that makes Firefox resemble Chrome.

Pale Moon has features that have been carefully selected and optimized to maximize its stability, user experience and speed. It does all this, while still maintaining its compatibility with the many Firefox extensions you have come to rely on and love.

Some of the main features:

  • Is Firefox sourced
  • Supported by active and friendly users
  • The interface is fully customizable, efficient and familiar
  • Increased stability – the browser crashes are fewer
  • Speedy and smooth script processing and page drawing
  • The optional code is disabled. Therefore, it uses considerably less memory
  • Supports Firefox themes and add-ons (extensions)
  • Support for Canvas, downloadable fonts and SVG
  • More configuration and customization options compared to Firefox


Cyberfox is a web browser alternative that has been optimized for many different systems including those with a 64-bit OS installed. This program has an interface that is similar to that of Firefox. You are also able to use add-ons and plug-ins meant for Firefox.

What’s more, you can import all Firefox settings into Cyberfox. This makes it painless and easy for you when moving to Cyberfox. After installation, Cyberfox will automatically use your Firefox profile data to move all your bookmarks and most visited sites.

Some Cyberfox highlights and features:

  • Is powered by the Mozilla source code
  • Has been compiled with assistance of Intel C compiler
  • Has in-built new features
  • Is compatible with Windows 8 OS


The Opera web browser has received a lot of attention thanks to its speedy connection on mobile devices. Opera’s latest version is based on a rendering engine that is similar to that of Chrome i.e. Blink.

Opera includes features such as system plug-ins support. Other features include:

  • Speed dial bookmarks: This feature groups the sites you visit most, on one start page. This way, you are able to quickly access and search your preferred sites with refined grouping and searching options.
  • Data compression: This feature helps to speed up the browsing speed especially when using a slow network.
  • Discover: This feature provides you with top-quality entertainment and news from all over the globe. You will get new content from various categories and be able to read articles in your language.
  • Stash: This feature allows you to capture a page with just a single click. It also organizes the pages into a sophisticated but simple list.

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