Free Voice Calls Now Merged with Google Hangouts

One of the side-tracks of globalization and widespread migration has been people having their family and friends spread all across the world. Communication has become more of a need today than ever before. This need has given rise to a number of innovative and inexpensive ways of keeping in touch.

One of the latest to join the bandwagon is Google’s very own Hangouts. This application makes it super easy to send quick messages, start a call; a group chat or even a group call. One can make voice calls via Hangouts on iOS, Windows and Android. You can call other users of Hangouts totally free of charge. You can even all numbers in Canada and the U.S. for very cheap. This makes keeping in touch easy and more affordable!

Hangouts is already an option for most people when it comes to sending a quick message to a single ID or a group of people; now with voice call integrated, it makes it all the more interesting because personal messages spoken are just so much more better.

Google has now merged its online voice calling services with Hangouts that has become hugely popular, especially in its Google+ social networking, thanks to its free group voice as well as video chat. What’s further interesting is that Hangouts allows group video chats as well for free. This is where Skype falls back where users are required to pay for group video calls once the trial expires.

Hangouts are now also available on applications made for all platforms of mobile devices.

Here are the preliminary steps for getting started with Hangouts and Google Voice:

You can receive as well as make calls apart from exchanging text messages from the Google Voice number via Hangouts. In order to use Google Voice along with Hangouts, you will need to have your country specific Voice number and account. Calling via Google Voice numbers is not available in some countries like India and Mexico.

You can make a Google Voice account for free. Here are the steps:

  • Get to Google Voice.
  • Pick the option – get a Google Voice number
  • Finish the steps for picking a new Google number.

What are the Hangout apps that can be used with Google Voice? You can receive and make calls and text messages and listen to voicemails through your computer. Google Voice is available in Chrome, Google+, and Gmail extensions. You can also access it through your Android device by downloading the Hangouts dial-er. It is also available via the Hangouts app on iOS as well as Android devices.

You can make international as well as domestic calls with the help of Wi-Fi or data connection via iOS and Hangouts devices. You can receive calls if you have a Google voice number. From any country in the world, you can make calls free to Canada and the U.S. and to places apart from these two countries, the rates are very low.

Other features like adding contacts and viewing call history are also made available and easy to access.

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