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Google has recently launched the beta version of Chrome 5.

This is the latest update of the web browser. Some of the top features of this new update are HTML 5 features, including Geolocation along with dragging and dropping of files. Synchronizing features have been enhanced and Flash has been integrated along with a speed boosting of the JavaScript engine.

Enhanced Synchronization

Bookmark synchronization was already introduced as a feature last year. This enabled the user to store bookmarks for Chrome in the cloud and then access them through any device that runs Chrome. However, the Chrome 5, latest beta version offers an expansion of the synchronizing abilities of Chrome. This includes synchronization of various startup settings along with themes and home page, settings related to web content and to language.

In order to access this extensive synchronization feature, users can tap on the wrench icon found on the right corner of the browser and opt for ‘Set up Sync’. They must then log in to their Google account and Chrome automatically saves all settings to the Docs account.

Using the Incognito Mode

Users can now run extensions in this mode, as Google Chrome now enables browsing the Internet, without recording the search history. It also enables blocking of website cookies in the Incognito Mode. Though this feature was already present earlier, users were not able to run Chrome extensions while using the Incognito Mode. The new Chrome 5 beta version enables the Incognito Mode and also allows users to use their extensions in the Incognito Mode. However, they have to re enable them manually, by clicking on the Extensions Manager, which is found on the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, users can directly access the Extensions Manager by tapping the wrench icon on the browser window. Users have to allow the particular extension to run in the Incognito Mode and check the box, before clicking on ‘Authorize’. However, these browser extensions will record the browsing data even when the user is in the Incognito Mode, which might end up defeating the whole purpose of using this mode.

New Features of HTML 5

HTL 5 is the new programming standard for websites and it is not yet completely ready. However, Google Chrome 5 has already started introducing some of the exciting features, such as drag and drop features and Geolocation features. It also brings in a caching app for offline purposes along with Web sockets. This enables faster communication between web-based apps and the host servers.

Integrating Flash Player

Flash Player is integrated in Chrome, so users don’t have to worry about updating the latest Flash Player or downloading the latest version manually. It is easy to open up the latest version of Google Chrome beta 5 and watch videos online from YouTube or Hulu. The integration offers users more security, with all updates from Flash Player being delivered automatically through Chrome’s updates.

Increased Speed

This is the best feature of the latest update to Google Chrome 5. The JavaScript engine of the Chrome browser has received enhanced speed. This improves browser performance, as JavaScript is the most used programming language for interactive web pages and web apps. The speed of Google Chrome has now been increased by 30 % to 35% when compared to the previous version. It is also about 300% faster when compared to the first or original release of Chrome, according to Google.

Users can give the beta version a try, by signing up for the Chrome beta updates, but they must also keep in mind that beta versions are likely to have bugs and other issues. They are not very stable and might crash more often when compared to older stable versions of the browser.

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