Destiny Developers Believe 1080P Is Next, Gameplay Matters Most

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The industry is going crazy over 1080p and 60 fps, trying to force all new consoles to run at this level.

It is becoming the benchmark for the new platforms, which they are struggling to reach. Ubisoft’s claim that Watch Dogs will run at 1080p on Playstation 4 and then revoking the message at a later stage, became a controversy. Recently, it was said that the new action RPG Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, made by CD Projekt RED, will not run on high definition resolution, on both, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Players started complaining and it became a huge issue.

The developers have now clarified that they can’t reveal solid numbers yet, because things are still in the development stage and an official statement can be made only when optimization is complete. The developers of the most anticipated first person shooter, Destiny, Jonty Barnes, opined that their team is focusing more on delivering a great game play, rather than trying to focus too much on the technical aspects.

Platform Holders Make a Big Deal

According to Jonty Barnes, the production director at the development studio of Destiny, Microsoft and Sony are the platform holders who are making too much of a deal, about this 1080 and 60 fps claim. It helps them show off, which console is more powerful, and lure players into buying it. “We see this as more of a marketing strategy, because gamers hardly care about such statistics. I feel the industry has slowly started caring less about numbers, which is a welcome change”.

“Previously, it all used to be about 1080p and 60 FPS, because, platform providers magnify this detail, adding more importance to it than necessary,” he said. He added that gamers believe what they see and if they have a game that is worthy of their time, they wouldn’t complain about it running a few frames lesser than the promoted benchmark. It’s all about the gaming experience that a title offers, which matters the most, in the end.

Gameplay First, Stats Next

“Anything that is not related to the game play or stuff that hinders players from getting one of the best possible experiences, is considered baggage,” he said and quoted directly, what Bungie’s co-founder Jason Jones had said. Barnes continued to say that computers, have significantly evolved over the years and are capable of delivering much higher quality, but it’s always about the experience than the statistics. The production director justified that the game world in Destiny is not as small as some commented, because there are four main planets to explore, the Moon, Earth, Venus and Mars, which will offer tons of new things to be discovered.

“Places might be familiar to you but there will always be new activities to do, when you go back to the same area, which will keep players interested. We wanted such layers in the game and we believe it will be the most justified experience that Destiny could offer,” he concluded his statement.

Destiny comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9.


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