Clash of Clans Free Elixir, Attack Strategy and More

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Clash of Clans is a very popular fun game for Android and Apple devices that fetches the bold hostility of Scottish warfare to the simple and addictive casual gaming mechanics. In this Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, players get to construct forts with elixir and gold resources, drag and drop buildings as per their likes, and collect and store resources through the course of the game. They also get to construct an army of several troop kinds over time. It’s all about constructing your village and army and battling for glory.

Things may sound simple, but there’s plenty to it. When you begin playing the game, you’ll get to know that it is quite complicated and you may also need proper guidance here and there to taste success. Staying aware of few Clash of Clans cheats and codes can help you wade through the game successfully. Here are few of them so that you can enjoy the great game right from the moment your begin playing it.

Free Elixir

The player will require army camp, barracks and labs of any level for this cheat. You first have to select a troop for upgrading in the lab. As the timer approaches running out on the upgrading, you should fill up the army camps with any kind of troops following which you need to fill all the barracks with the troop that is about to complete upgrading. They will be in the barracks without going to the army camp since the capacity of the camp would have been filled up. After the completion of the upgrade in the lab, sell the troops that were in the barracks. This way, you can obtain the cost of upgraded elixir in place of the original cost of the troop.

Attack Strategy

This is the simplest and most effective way to attack a base. All that you need to do is release few giants so that they can entertain the defenses. Then, deploy few wall breakers beside these big guys so that they instantly create a gap for the giants. Release few wizards and archers along the base perimeter and get to enjoy the victory. This is a great cheat code for beginners who are facing difficulties in winning few PvP battles.

Elixir Glitch

This cheat involves getting into the barracks first and then holding on a random troop. Then, hold on to the minus button several times as this can give you a bit more elixir.

More Space

In case there’s a little more time left while upgrading something, you can place it on an invalid point, where it can finish. In the mean time, you can get more space for other things.

With these Clash of Clans cheats and codes, you are sure to succeed to a good extent and make great progress.

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