Angry Birds vs Flappy Bird – The Key Differences

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Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese game developer, developed flappy Bird.

It is a simple game launched in May, 2013; though it did not become popular immediately, it caught on during January 2014, rising phenomenally to the top of the store charts in the US, earning more than $50,000 per day through advertisement revenue alone. However, there arose a lot of controversy around the game, with respect to accusations of plagiarism in the game play and other complaints, due to which the developer removed the game from the play stores in February 2014.

Angry Birds was developed by the Finland based, Rovio Entertainment and became an immediate hit making millions of Euros. It was initially launched for the Apple Store for the iOS devices in 2009, in December and as of today, there have been more than 2 billion downloads of this increasingly popular game. In fact, it has become a full time game for smartphones and for PCs, with many versions as well as updates being offered from time to time. Today, there is also a full time movie of Angry Birds being made, involving all the antagonists and the characters featuring in the mobile game. The different versions of the game include Angry Birds Space, the Angry Birds Star Wars and several others. There is also an entire amusement park devoted to the Angry Birds theme in Finland, where you can enter this amusing and thrilling world, along with various merchandise, like toys and beverages being marketed by Rovio based on the theme of this game.

Difference between the Developers

The basic difference between the two above-mentioned games is that Angry Birds was developed by a professional company, which was driven by increasing the revenue and making more money by way of development of apps. However, Dong Nguyen, who is merely a hobbyist, had developed this game within a short time, during some spare time. When he found that the game was interfering with his life, his peace and happiness, he put a stop to it, as he was not overly concerned with the success or failure of the game.

Difference in Concept

Both the games have the word ‘Bird’ mentioned in them, so many people tend to confuse the two thinking they are based on the similar gameplay. However, there is a lot of difference in the gameplay, the story, the features and so on. Flappy Bird has a very basic concept of a bird that has to fly in such a way and move in a particular direction, without colliding on the poles. It has extremely difficult levels, whereas the Angry Birds involves different types of birds that are used by the player to kill pigs and their surrounding structures. The interface of Angry Birds is excellent and the birds offer several interesting characters and features. Each level is different and it can be quite challenging to clear the levels.

Angry Birds – Superior Graphics

When comparing the graphics and the interface between Angry Birds and Flappy Bird Angry Birds surely win on all counts. The graphics are very creative and very rich, with a lot of color and vibrancy, which have been highly praised by gamers and critics all over the world. However, Flappy Bird doesn’t offer much in the way of graphics, as it is a two dimensional game. Yet, it became popular due to the addictive nature of the game.

Flappy Bird – Not Available

Flappy Bird has been removed from the play stores and you cannot download it any more, whereas Angry Birds is still available for download. However, there are many other clones or rip offs of the Flappy Bird circulating in the Internet and you can download these, though not the original version of the game. There are many other similar games, such as Splashy Fish or Red Bouncing Ball Spikes and even Retry, which is very similar to the Flappy Birds game.

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