Chrome Remote Desktop – Controlling A PC from another PC/Smartphone

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Google is a company credited to be the spearhead in revolutionizing the world of internet usage with state of the art apps and products.

Now, they have pulled yet another rabbit out of the bag by the name Chrome Remote Desktop. As modern day technology continues to grow, new advances are being made in the computing world each day. A Chrome Remote Desktop makes it possible for users to control their PCs from another computer or smartphone, whether or not the two share a network.

This is a technology that has been welcomed by many PC users, especially office workers who may at times need to work away from the office.

Remotely Controlling Your Computer

Chrome Remote Desktop makes it possible for desktop users to turn another computer into a remote control that they can use to control a remote computer or computers. All it takes is installing the Chrome Remote Desktop software on the main computer and an extension of the same in the other computers that are to be accessed remotely. Once this is done successfully, the host computer will have the ability to access all other connected computers through the internet or through a local network connection.

With Chrome Remote Desktop, a user can undertake several actions from their computer.  Accessing computers remotely allows the users to troubleshoot problems, install programs, solve issues and check on the progress of the remote computer. This function can be ideal for offices where senior staff needs to check on the juniors’ progress. This allows them to monitor them from their computers.

Using a Password for Security Purposes

In order for anyone to use the remote desktop feature, they need to be using the Google Chrome browser. It is important to ensure that the computers being linked are password protected. This ensures that only authorized personnel can use the remote desktop access feature. Google Chrome uses the chromoting protocol to put emphasis on the need for security in the network and the two connected computers. By default, the password and PIN authentication is mandatory. However, it can be removed if the host desires to and when the computers are on a secure network.


Chrome Remote Desktop is created for accessibility with different operating systems. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. This means that this app can be used for computers and mobile devices. This compatibility makes Google Remote Desktop a universal application and is, therefore, very useful. It is easy to install on any device and it’s also easy to setup for control of any device.

The Advantage of Chrome Remote Desktop  

Chrome Remote Desktop is available through Google Chrome, which is a trusted browser. Google Chrome is known for efficiency and speed.

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Devices

While the remote desktop application is mostly known for connecting one PC with another, it is now possible to control a PC from an Android device. This is made possible by the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices. This app is installed on the Android device and connected to a remote PC. Once the connection is successful, the users can control the PC through the Android device from any location.

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