iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5 Specs & Features – A Quick Comparison

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iPhone has always been at the top of all premium smartphones, and even after trying for years, other mobile manufacturers have simply not been able to topple this phone to make space for their own. The two phones, that were released, one after the other, have given each other tough competition. The iPhone 5S is a definite improvement over the iPhone 5 and that shows on the price tag as well. Physically, the two appear identical, but there are some fundamental differences between the two.


Both the smartphones have exactly the same dimensions. They measure 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches and weigh 3.95 oz. The body material is made of aluminum casing, which not only gives the two phones a very premium appearance, but also keeps the phones sturdy and lightweight. The Display on the two phones is identical too. With a 4.0 inch screen and 640 x 1136 pixels resolution, the clarity of the two phones is incomparable. Both the phones have light and proximity sensors, along with an oleophobic coating.


While both the phones have an 8 MP camera each, 5S has a dual LED flash as compared to the single LED flash on iPhone 5. The aperture sizes are also different – the 5S has F2.2 with sensor size 1/3″ and iPhone 5 has F2.4 with sensor size 1/3.2″. The 5S features a burst mode and digital zoom, which is absent in iPhone 5. The 5S also supports the ability to take pictures during video recording. The main difference between the two phones is that of the processor chip. The iPhone 5S sports the state of art A7 chip, while the iPhone 5 only has the A6 microprocessor. While both the phones are available with 16, 32 and 64 GB memory, the 5S comes with a 1024 MB RAM as compared to 1016 MB RAM in iPhone 5. Battery capacity is also larger in the 5S with 1570 mAh, compared to 1440 mAh, in iPhone 5.


Apart from the basic hardware and processor differences, the two phones have the same features. There are minor differences in the technology of the phones. The data connectivity technology offers the major difference in the technology, with the iPhone 5 offering additional EV-DO Rev.A and EV-DO Rev.B technologies. Both have the same navigation systems. They are also available in similar boxes, with the same accessories.


The iPhone 5S was released on the heels of the iPhone 5 – about one year apart, and the difference between the processor chips in the two phones made the 5S a popular choice. Since the iPhone 5S was an obvious improvement over the iPhone 5, and had many features which were missing in the latter, the phone quickly became the more popular one, among the two.

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