Candy Crush Saga – The Modern Day Bejeweled

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A few years back, Bejeweled was one of the top games out there, played around the world as it entertained huge masses.

If you have played Bejeweled or at least heard about it, replace those jewels with candy and you have Candy Crush. Candy Crush is developed by King. Just like Angry Birds, this game was first presented for iOS, and after gaining huge popularity among the users, it was released for Android too. In December 2012, the game had 10 million downloads. That put the game in the most downloaded apps for a while. By July 2013, with 6.7 million active players, Candy Crush had a daily income of over $600 000.  Another proof of the popularity of the game is the 500 million installations of it on iOS, Facebook, Android.


The characters are Tiffi, Mr. Toffee, Mr. Yeti, the Bubblegum Troll and many more. Tiffi is the main protagonist of the story. She’ll solve problems that are bothering the Candy Kingdom residents. Mr. Toffee is in the tutorial guide and his voice was changed from French accent to a deep modest male voice.


Candy Crush represents a match-three game, like Bejeweled. Like many other games, you advance through levels. Each one has a board filled with candies in different colors. Some levels even contain obstacles. The levels are filled with different kinds of candy, from red jelly bean to blue lollipop head which give live colors to the game. Movements in this game are done horizontally and vertically and they are done instinctively. On each level, you’re given a different mission to complete. Whether it’s clearing the jelly of the board, reaching certain score or having a task to get some items to the bottom of the board, this game won’t disappoint you. As in every other King’s game, you have 5 lives at the beginning. After every lost level, you lose a life. If you’re out of lives, you can request some from your Facebook friends, wait to replenish (takes half an hour to get a life), or simply do an in-app purchase. Lives aren’t the only thing that’s available with an in-app purchase. You can also buy boosters by the use of Facebook credits or cash.

Another interesting feature is the episodes. Each episode contains a number of levels. Starting from episode 3, the episodes further are locked and you must get 3 of your friends to send you a “ticket” so you can get the next level unlocked. The faster and more expensive alternative is doing this with a visit to the in-game store or you can take it slow, and if you’re not able to move on to the next level, the game will allow that for free.

Furthermore, if by any chance your Facebook profile isn’t linked to the game, you can unlock a new level by playing Mystery Quest. Mystery Quest is a random level you’ve previously passed, but with a higher point requirement. You can play only one Mystery Quest per day and you need to win three of them to unlock the next episode.

Final Thoughts

This game defines what “casual” means. It has a high addiction success and it’s rather easy to play.  Get it now and crush all the candies!

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