Clash of Clans – Most Gorgeous Clan Wars Strategy

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The Clan Wars is one of the most exciting and important things in Clash of Clans. While raiding in Clan Wars, the teams will receive stars, which will count and the Clan with the most stars at the end of the war will win! If you win a raid in Clan Wars, you will win a lot of resources depending on how tough your opponent is.

You don’t want to lose battles in Clan Wars, because you will give a bad reputation to your Clan and they will not like you because of that. To prevent this from happening, we will give you today some hints on how to attack and win in Clan Wars.

Attacking in Clan Wars

To attack in Clan Wars is simple. You will have to go in the Clan War section, look up for enemies home bases, scout for the enemy you are planning to attack and when you’re ready, click the attack button. If the one you are trying to attack has already been attacked, a message will pop-up telling you that. If you can still get some stars from it, go for it. If not, it is still your call if you want to do that or not.

Troops that you should use while attacking in Clan Wars

The troops that you will bring in a fight are as important as the strategy you will use. Make sure that you bring a lot of Hog Riders, at least 20 or so. The hog riders will focus on attacking defensive buildings first and they can jump over the walls also. In case you don’t have dark elixir unlocked, you will have to use Giants instead of them, along with wall breakers.

While using hog riders, you will want to use giants to take some damage for the hog riders, so bringing around 3-4 giants might be enough. Along with these two troops, you will want to bring Wizards, because they have good attack damage, and Archers because they can attack from a great distance without being touched by anything.

Strategy that you should use in Clan Wars

The strategy is very important in Clan Wars since they go hand in hand with the troops you will bring into it. In a Clan War attack you should get all the enemy troops from the Clan Castle. In case the Clan Castle is somewhere close to the wall, send a few archers to lure the troops out. After they are out, deploy an archer way outside of the map, which will make them go for it. After they reach that spot, deploy some wizards and archers to take them out. After you take care of the troops from the Clan Castle you should look up for the Hero. If you can drag him out, destroy it, if not continue raiding without taking this step.

After that, you will send all your hog riders in the same spot and don’t forget to keep them sticking together while attacking, so deploy all of them in the same spot, at the same time. If you don’t do this, it will be easier for the enemy to kill them. As they get low in HP, use around 3 healing spells to keep them alive while they take out the defensive buildings. You can also send some Giants to take a few hits for your hog riders. After you took out the defensive buildings, you can start deploying the rest of your troops and start crushing the rest of the village.


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