Battlefield Hardline Reverts to EA’s Two Year Cycle

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Unlike Activision, which releases a Call of Duty every year, Electronic Arts, has preferred to stay aloof, this yearly release cycle.

They stick to their two year plan, based on which, Battlefield 3 got released in 2011, while Battlefield 4 came out in 2013 with a whole lot of bugs that they are fixing it even after a year since its original release date. When Battlefield Hardline was announced to be a launch title for Visceral games in 2014, people were surprised, because the company earlier claimed that they detest the yearly release cycles and would always want to focus on quality.

It was confirmed and would have released in the month of October, if not for the mediocre beta reveal that the game had. Players who tried out the game, were extremely disappointed with its BF4 style and there was hardly anything to do in it, related to cops versus robbers. There weren’t too many bugs or glitches as found in the previous game, but it definitely lacked the sheen to attract players to buy it for a full price at $60. Visceral went back to work on it once the beta ended and also promised that there will be one more beta before the actual release date, to make sure the game plays as they have intended.

Changing Hardline

DICE always had a strong hand in the multiplayer arena, while Visceral was sure about providing an exciting single player campaign for Battlefield Hardline. The storyline, according to what they have confirmed, is about cops who go undercover, as criminals, to bust a drug dealer, but are framed by people they know. It is their revenge saga, where they set out to hold those people in question and make sure that they get out of the prison sentence that they got, without committing a crime.

The game is going to have a strong focus on delivering a riveting single player campaign, which Battlefield series lacked, for so many years now. After the beta ended, Visceral went back to their development team to bring in a whole lot of changes to the multiplayer aspect of the game. They posted ten important changes including limiting military grade weapons, increasing the armor of vehicles so that they don’t blast right away with every shot, fixing some bugs and more. The team also promised that there will be ten more important changes based on the community suggestions.

Postponed Release Date

Despite all their efforts, it looks like Battlefield Hardline didn’t reach the level as assumed by EA. One known reason is Battlefield 4 is a game that has ample lifetime and once the bugs are fixed, there are so many new players, who are still waiting to purchase it along, with all the DLCs. It can easily last for two more years and bringing a new title to replace it so early, didn’t work out. EA made a wise decision to postpone Battlefield Hardline and it will not only help them maintain the two year cycle, but will also help them ensure quality in the new game.

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