Enhanced Microsoft Internet Explorer vs Apple’s Safari – IE Tops the Markets

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has a lower user rating for ages now and Apple’s Safari is just finely tuned and rowed each time.

Maybe Internet Explorer is set to magnetize the users a little better with its newer features, extensions, and robust appeal.

Installation Procedure

Internet Explorer 10: Windows 7 and 8

Safari 6: Mac OS X

Both Internet Explorer and Safari can be downloaded from both the respective websites if they are built prior into your Operating systems. Safari is pre-installed or built-in in the Mac OS X, while the Internet Explorer 32 and 64 bit is compatible with windows 7 and 8. Although, Internet Explorer installation will request you to boot the system, without which the installation will not be rendered as complete.


Internet Explorer is a fresh face of Microsoft with a single bar uniting the search and address bar. The single click bookmarking star is an efficient and highly time consuming feature of it.

Safari also provides the hybrid of search and address bar. It has a full-screen mode, but lags in the efficiency with limited or no single-click bookmarking option.

HTML Compliance

Internet Explorer: 468/500

Safari: 378/500

Internet Explorer 10 comes out with an HTML5 Vector and Bitmap of 10.85 fps and 56.07 fps respectively. IE 10 has a V8 of 8621, while Safari has a V8 of 5377.

Specific Features

In terms of adequate organization and production, Safari has proper enough extensions and utility features, but the third party extensions aren’t well integrated into its software. Also, the browser has a monotonous and morbid look in comparison to most of the other browsers. It has a few exclusive features like Safari Ad-free Reader which comes with an advantage of letting its user see clearly without the clutter-shutter of the iCloud syncing unlike on its other Apple devices.

Internet Explorer has come out with newer icons in its top region with more color for backward and forward buttons and features as well. You can pin a website to the taskbar. Upon opening, the browser customizes it according to the presently viewing website.


In terms of popularity determined by a general pool of users, according to StatCounter, Internet Explorer 10 is higher than Safari, but the latter holds the regular higher mobile market share. Internet Explorer leads with a 41.66% in the market-front while Safari lags with a 5.6%.


Internet Explorer has come out with a better page-rendering, improvised hardware installations and script-execution speeds. The security updates have better blockage of phishing, and malware attempts. Don’t give up on Internet Explorer based on the regular disappointments and its unsatisfactory appeal. Internet Explorer updates have come out with a fresher look and effectiveness to outcast its primary rivals like Chrome and Firefox as well. Be sure to check it out this time and give us your feedback about it.

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