Leaked : GTA 5 All Versions To Be Released for PC Later in 2014

The gaming world is in frenzy over the news that GTA 5 will indeed come to PC consoles in the first quarter of 2014. However, other dates such as those from Rockstar Games differ from other internet leaks, but you can rest assured it will be on PC. As for the game itself, PC players can expect most of the same options available on PlayStation and Xbox. PlayStation and Xbox are rumored to have their gameplay first, with PC a little later.

Developers from Rockstar Games are reportedly busy with configuring Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC and reportedly, it will be able to support 32 players maximum. This is derived from leaked scripts that read for PC as a specific color for player 1 and went up to player 32, which was also a different color. It is not the first time that this specific rumor became known, so there may be truth to it.

The rumors hit an all-time high when Amazon France listed a product for PC specifically, GTA V, without any product though. A few hours later, it was taken down again, but nevertheless the temporary listing sparked renewed interest. Germany Amazon website also listed GTA V PC and it remains and even states the compatible PC for the game. It does not list minimum requirements, but says it is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. GTA V administration reportedly informed that consumers should be on the lookout for any news and developments on their newswire page directly on http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire.


Since the inception of Grand theft Auto over sixteen years ago it has come a very long way indeed although through all these years it remained one of the most popular and favored games ever released. You may be used to the introspective, dark, and serious gameplay of GTA IV by now. However, you will be surprised by the follow-up’s focus on glamour, true Hollywood style, lots of sunshine, and a serious commitment to fighter jets.

Players will be able to play as one of three characters while playing through Los Santos being a criminal staying ahead of the law and make money. You will be able to play as a street-wise gangster named Franklin who attempts to shake off the tail of his LS homies. You will enjoy several missions as Franklin and meet a retired thief, Michael a millionaire. Another playable character is Trevor and these characters interact and intertwine perfectly adding to the entertainment and dimension of GTA 5.

Pre-orders for GTA 5

Now SuperGamer Czech is accepting pre-orders for both Xbox One and PC, but not for PS 4 and according to reports, they are waiting for Rockstar Games for release of the game first. According to SuperGamer Czech, the release date is Friday June 13, 2014. Although numerous online retailers take pre-orders, confirmation from Take-two and Rockstar Games for exact release date is not official. There is no doubt that it will be available on PC, as the sales for PS3 and Xbox 360 sky rocketed to over 30 million already since the release of GTA 5 in September 2013.

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