Angry Birds – Bet You Never Heard Most of These Facts

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It was the financial year of 2009, when Rovio decided to convert an innocuous sketch drawn by one of its employees into a game.

Today, after two years and a total download of 350 million, Angry Birds is a phenomenon. The game was initially launched for the iOS platform, but with its increasing popularity, Rovio decided to write it for the Android operating systems as well. The game is now available in all leading app stores and happens to be one of the top most downloaded apps.

Even a child knows that the black bird in the game is a life saver and the green bird is a waste, but there are things you don’t know, about Angry Birds. We bring to you, a set of such innocuous things nobody told you about Angry Birds.

  1. Green Pigs in the game depicted as the enemy of the birds, were inspired by the contemporary rage of Swine Flu, of that time. It was an emotional move by Rovio Entertainment. They used the psychological aspect, to reach to the audience. The game was written during the time Swine Flu was spreading like an epidemic.


  1. Angry Birds is not just played by me and you. Biggies like Prime Minister of UK; David Cameron is also a noted fan of Angry Birds.


  1. Angry Birds was declared bigger than Mickey Mouse by the Head of Business Development at Rovio Entertainment. This announcement was made after the runaway hit of the game. Today, after more than 350 million downloads, it sounds true as gospel.


  1. If this goes well and if rumors are to be believed, Angry Birds will soon be an animated movie.


  1. Reports say there is a theme park in China, where a prototype of the game has been drawn and people can use prototyped angry birds to get rid of their anger.


  1. The Business development team at Rovio, understands the anger of people, against the brutal killing of birds and hence they have started to work for the welfare of birds all across the world.


  1. A developer named Hare Krishna Guru, tried to symbolize the game as a yoga teaching tool and told the world that the green pig is similar to the demons living inside us.

Angry Birds is still available on leading app stores for various platforms like the Android, iOS and even for personal computers. Rovio Entertainment has introduced advanced versions of the game over time and people have loved all the versions of the game equally.

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