Amazon AppStore Vs Google Play – Features Comparison

Everyone, it seems, has a smartphone or a tablet that they carry with them everywhere. They make life easier and with all the apps that are available, often for free. It is entertainment at your fingertips, literally. If you have an android device, you basically have two options for downloading all the games you could ever want to try, and everyone has their preference between the Amazon AppStore Vs Google Play Store. However, which one is truly the best?

The Amazon AppStore

You must download and install the App Store if you want it on your device. This is a minor inconvenience for some people. The App Store also has fewer apps for you to download and install. However, there are certain good things about it including:

  • A free app per day. Sometimes the free app is unknown games or utilities that you may not want, but there are some great apps to download as well.
  • Ease of use. It has an easy user interface that makes searching for your favorite apps easy to do.
  • The App Store allows multiple downloads. If you have a Kindle Fire and the App Store all the apps that you download on it can be downloaded onto your smartphone, even the apps that you have paid for.

One of the biggest negatives in regards to the AppStore is that if you for some reason need to uninstall it from your device, you will lose any apps that you have downloaded, even if you paid for it. For many users, this is a true setback on using it.

Google Play

Google Play comes installed automatically on most android devices. This means that whether by preference or convenience, most people end up using it for their apps. They have an extensive collection of applications for you to choose from, both paid and free. If you know the app name, you can search for it which is also a convenience feature that keeps you from searching through the endless list of applications that you do not want. However, if you are looking for an app to play with that is new, the search for that single app could take you a while.

There are a few negative aspects of Google Play, but really it all depends on what you want. Google Play has been available in the US a lot longer and it offers things that we need to use on a daily basis such as banking apps. The downside is that you will have to download every app to every android device you own.

Google Play also allows you to purchase and download everything from games to movies and books in one area separated into categories. Many users prefer this over installing multiple apps like you need to do with Amazon.


In the Amazon AppStore Vs Google Play Store debate, Google offers many things that Amazon does not. However, the free app a day that Amazon offers is definitely great for getting people who want to use it. Both offer good and bad, but because Google is so popular, they often win on the overall scale when people are asked which they choose. If you have never used Amazon or Google Play then ultimately you should download and decide for yourself which one you prefer. Perhaps you will prefer browsing fewer apps and being able to download them to every device just by signing in to your account over having to search and download.

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