Flappy Bird – Is the Free Download Really Gone?

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Flappy Bird’s reclusive Vietnamese developer may have pulled the game off the app stores.

There is plenty that is still going on. The games massive success has prompted many game developers to create imitations and cheap rip offs. However, none of them has been able to replicate the look, feel, and success of this wildly popular game. This leads many people to wonder if Flappy Bird has really gone. The players who had downloaded it before it was pulled off, still have the game with them. There are also some companies that are trying to capitalize on the Flappy Bird craze before people forget about it.

Hit it While it is Still Hot

If you have a phone with Flappy Bird installed on it already, there are companies that will offer you a premium price for your phone. Companies like UpgradeSwap buys used gadgets and pays you depending on the device, its condition and the carrier you use. Such companies are paying a premium for phones that come with Flappy Bird. These phones are easier to sell to fans of the game and therefore the premium may lie anywhere from a dollars to a few hundred dollars. This seems to be a promotional gimmick, but it is working.

Arcade Versions

There are some websites that claim to be able to download Flappy Bird onto your phone. All you have to do is to open the website from your phone, click on the free download button and you will have the game downloaded on your phone. This is supposedly a cheat that allows you to download the game even though it no longer exists on any App Store. This may be a cheap rip off, but who knows – you may still enjoy it.

Similar Games

Flappy Bird was a simple game where you had to keep tapping the screen to have the bird fly and pass through many obstacles. This was addictive because it was very easy. A lot of developers are frantically trying to recreate the same magic, using similar graphics, user interface, and game options. You will be able to see Flappy Bird, FlapMMO and even a coding website that allows you to create your own Flappy Bird game. While this may sustain the enthusiasts for some time, they would soon come to terms with the fact that their favorite game is no longer available, and therefore will have no choice but to move on to other games.

What’s the Future?

It seems that Flappy Bird may make a comeback, as its developer suggests. However, there is no definite news on it. Meanwhile, if you loved Flappy Bird, its creator Dong Nguyen is working on many other interesting games like Checkonaut and Kitty Jetpack – both of which are very easy to play. You could check them out. If Nguyen someday decides to bring Flappy Bird back, you would have the game on all phones once again – if not, there are a lot of other interesting games out there to engage you.

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