Temple Run 2 – The Easter Update Your Free Download Really Needed

This Easter, Temple Run 2 got a facelift.

The game, which has created a lot of ripples among gamers, and was once poised to take over the gaming industry by storm, has cooled down a little. This is not because the game ceases to be fun, but simply because better games have come into the market. However, Imangi Studios, the developers of Temple Run 2, have brought out a brand new update that will give the game some of its zing back.

Cloud Support

There can be nothing worse than losing your game simply because you had to keep your smartphone or your tablet away for some urgent work that just could not wait. Usually when that happened, it means losing out on all the progress you may have made so far on your game. The endless runner game may actually become endless every time you have to leave the game in the middle of a level. However, the latest cloud support for iOS allows for cloud syncing of all your game files, and will also help you save them. You can find a ‘Save Me Wheel’ while running around in Temple Run 2, and use it to save your game as well as get a bonus prize. This support is something that the game desperately required. Imangi Studios not only gave the game a great and much needed update, but made it very interesting too, by adding some special gifts for every time you use the ‘Save Me Wheel’. While the cloud support is already active on iOS with the Easter update, it will soon be launched for Windows Phones and Android as well.

The Easter Artifacts and Cloud Syncing

With this new update, players do not have to lose their high scores. Now that cloud syncing is possible, you can store your high scores, rankings and your unlocked items on several devices at the same time. So whether you are playing the game on your tablet or your smartphone, you can now share all your game stats across all the devices with the help of the cloud support. In addition, during the Easter celebration of the game, all your coins will turn into Easter eggs and you can find 5 Easter artifacts in your Easter collection. Eventually, when you find all five artifacts of the collection, you will be able to unlock a set of sparkling new bunny ears for your runner.

Save Me Wheel

Another great update is the ‘Save Me Wheel;’ that will appear every time your game ends. You can spin the wheel by paying a premium or just watch an advertisement and spin it for free. The wheel can give you different rewards such as coins, power ups, boosts and a lot more. You can also use this wheel to pick your game right back from where you left it. You are given a new life, if you lost your previous one, and you can continue your game without having to lose all your progress.

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