WeChat Free Download – A Major Player on the Messaging Service

WeChat Free Download – A Major Player on the Messaging Service

WeChat is one of the leading messaging services on the mobile platform. The important thing is that you need to have your friends and contacts on WeChat to be able to chat with them.

Multiple Features

WeChat allows various features such as sending texts and images as well as videos over the Wi-Fi or through your mobile data plan. You can also send voice messages and make voice or video calls through the service. In addition, the app has several smileys available for all occasions and moods. There is also an interesting “Walkie-Talkie” mode that you can use on certain occasions. It also offers an option for connecting through Facebook and supports all the regular languages.

Latest Updates

The latest updated version of WeChat offers a completely new look. It offers a great user interface combined with an amazing set of features. Tencent Technology, the owner of the app, has brought the 5.2 version of the app for Android devices. The app loads very quickly as well. The menu bar is now found at the top of the screen. It has all the features, such as the universal search button.  The + button enables the user to add contacts and make voice calls or scan the QR code as well as take instant photos. Through the top right button, the user can quickly navigate to his profile, favorite messages and other areas like settings, posts and feedback.

Using Friend Radar

The Friend Radar is a new feature for adding friends. It scans the area surrounding your location and tries to locate new people so that you can get connected with them. The app already features the “Shake” and the “People Nearby” features. In addition to this, the Friend Radar helps you discover more people who are using WeChat. It is easy to open the Friend Radar by clicking on the + button in the menu bar. Go to “Add Contact” on the menu bar and then opt for the Friend Radar.

The “Shake” feature is another useful feature. When you shake your device, you will immediately be connected with any other user shaking their mobile device at the same moment.

Sharing Your Location

WeChat also comes with a location-sharing feature in real time. You can meet friends through the “Walkie–Talkie” feature. Users can view the exact location of the two users on the map. You can then navigate from one point to the other. To access this feature, you have to go to the + option and choose “Location” and then “Real Time Location.” Access the “View Map” option and see where your friends are located. As you use this feature, you can also use the “Walkie-Talkie” that is integrated in the app for continuing the conversation.

Search Bar Functionalities

The search bar is very useful for searching a particular bit of information from a chat conversation or a date of any conversation. You can also make a search of a particular message in a very short time. You need to just type in the search keywords, if you want to make a search for something, through the universal search option on the top of the menu bar.

Browsing Images

It is simple to go through images that have been sent to you through WeChat. All the images received are grouped and located in one spot. After opening a photo, you must tap on the bottom right hand corner of the icon to see the complete album.

Other Interesting Features

There is a special notification feature that sends notifications to you whenever you are tagged within a group chat. You can link your LinkedIn Account to your profile to show the name card. This will inform you whether your friend has also joined the professional networking service.

WeChat offers excellent quality of video and audio features and is more reliable in the new version. If you love making new friends, you will love to use WeChat.

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