GTA 5 – Why is Rockstar Pushing Their PC and Next Gen Release Dates?

The petitions are growing every day and it is not only the one that calls for a PC version of the GTA 5 but there are new ones as well.

The new petitions demand Rockstar to bring the game to the next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. It is a fact that the new game doesn’t look so new on platforms that are over seven years old and a company like theirs will definitely wouldn’t want to waste their years of work. The title is a huge success on the older generation console which has reaped over one billion in revenue and has sold over 33 million copies so far. Even though it has achieved more than enough success on just two consoles, the game has a far bigger potential which is lying untapped for months now. The PC user base is quite huge which is spread across Asia, Europe and other countries where consoles are still more popular in North America than anywhere else. By bringing the game to the platform, the developers will be able to earn huge revenue one more time because many players are eager to buy the title once it launches on a platform that uses latest generation hardware.

Exclusivity Agreement

Rockstar definitely has signed an exclusivity agreement with both Microsoft and Sony. It most probably states that GTA 5 should not make its way to PC or even next gen until the period ends. The companies are stopping the game from landing in their own consoles, because of the reduced user base. There are only seven million PS4 consoles that have made their way to gamers while five million have been shipped by Microsoft. Compared to the huge base of thirty or more millions of machines already available, this is very less. The companies created this exclusivity agreement because they wanted to make sure that gamers believed it to be a PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusive. They have also done a good job of maintaining this stand because even after repeated urging from the gaming community, Rockstar hardly made any comment about bringing the title to the next gen. It is expected to end by the end of 2014 which might allow them to bring the game out in early 2015.

Development Period

Creating a new gen game like GTA 5 for a seriously under-performing, decade old console is very difficult. They just can’t port Grand Theft Auto to PC or PS4 because the platforms are very powerful compared to their older gen counterparts. Any gamer or developer will know that it is more like creating the game from the scratch so that they run properly on the new platforms. Besides, they should also be modified to make good use of the powerful hardware which is capable of delivering 60 fps at 1080p resolution. Rockstar requires ample time to get the game ready which is another important cause for this delay. While some speculate that it will be out in fall 2014, a more feasible date is early 2015.

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