Reasons Why Gmail is a Top Choice among Free to Download Email Platforms

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Have you ever wondered why most of your colleagues and friends are on Gmail?

When you ask for people’s email addresses, you always encounter that common suffix Why is this so? Well, if you are using Gmail yourself, you might have your own reasons why you chose this email platform. Maybe it was not so much as a much thought out decision for you, and there’s no special reason why you chose Gmail over others. However, that might be the case, but you are staying on Gmail for specific reasons. And just like every other Gmail user, you just love it.

But, as the critics say, you can’t just love something without knowing why you do. There has to be a reason why something is held in much higher regard compared with its contemporaries. And the fact is that Gmail, when you take a close look at how it functions, the services that it offers, and its features, you will have plenty of reasons why you love it. Here are some of the best reasons for us to love Gmail.

You Can Preview Attachments Right Away

There is no more need to download an attachment first in order for you to have an idea what it looks like. Gmail makes sure that you are prepared for anything that you receive. And so, when you open an email in your inbox, you will notice that you will see thumbnails of the files that are attached to the message.

This is a great thing to make sure that everything you are downloading is exactly the right file. No more guessing about what’s inside. Gmail keeps you in the know and in control of everything that you receive in your inbox.

Also, there are more ways to open or view an attachment. Depending on what kind of file it is, you can open them in Gmail through Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc., or you can simply download them right to the Google Drive connected to your email to make sure that nothing will be lost and for better file organization.

Organize Your Emails Easily

When it comes to email, people always get different kinds of emails. The inbox can be a jungle of important messages thrown in together with sometimes what should be a spam mail, promotional email, subscription for online newsletters, updates from social networking accounts, and more.

Gmail provides a way by which users can better filter what goes into the inbox by using different mail categories in tabs, such as Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. This way, when you open your Gmail account, you will know where to go if you want to see specific messages. You don’t have to read through every email subject in the inbox just to be sure that you are opening the message that you want to read.

The new organizational function helps users take better control of their inbox and choose when they want to open certain messages.

Stay in Touch with Hangouts

One of the biggest attractions of Gmail is that it allows users to communicate through various devices through its Google Hangouts feature. If you are using your laptop computer to open Gmail, you can still make a call or send a message to your friends who are on mobile. It’s a very convenient communication option, because you no longer have to switch devices when you need to do something. It’s all in one Gmail window, and you can access it anytime that you want.

Compose Messages Better

Write new emails without having to lose sight of your inbox. The new Gmail Compose just opens a small window that you can minimize if you want to see your inbox whole in the process of writing an email.

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