Top 5 iOS Apps 2014 – Time to Have Fun with Apps

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The Apple app store features more than 1 million apps for iOS, and still counting.

With the staggering increase in the number of apps available for use, it is becoming increasingly hard for Apple users to choose which apps they should keep and which they should simply ignore – bearing in mind that each app is unique in its own way.

However, choosing is not as hard as it seems. Here are the top 5, 2014 apps for Apple users.

Trending Apps for Apple Users This Year

Tiny planet

With the increase in the number of apps, it has become increasingly hard to come across an original app, but this app fits the tile. Tiny planet was created by It uses magical effects to transform all your photo shots into tiny planets.

Using a special effect, this app simply creates a miniature sphere at the frame’s center. When you use it on a good image, the end product resembles a small planet that floats in mid-space.

Tiny planet also has an option for creating the opposite effect, referred to as tiny tube. The end result of this reverse procedure is a space in the center of the image with a planet surrounding it.

This app would not be complete if it did not allow you to share your creation. Tiny planet comes with easy to share options for Facebook, Instagram and twitter among many others.

This app can be downloaded for $0.99 from the app store.

UpTo Calendar    

If you love the redesigned calendar app on iOS 7, then you may not need this app. However, for the ones who hate the calendar app redo, the UpTo calendar is the perfect choice. This calendar brings a blend of the iOS 7 calendar and the HTC sense 6 calendars -the end result is the access to loads of available calendars.

With the UpTo calendar, you can use the local iPhone calendar, iCloud calendar and the Google calendars. It also has the ability to show you when your favorite TV shows are on or if there are any upcoming games for your favorite teams. It also supports Facebook events; so no more missing or forgetting birthdays.

This app is free from the app store.


There are so many free photo editors available today, but this one is a rare breed. This app is a rarity because it has an easy way of offering one click photo effects for ordinary users. It also comes with complex fine tuning effects for an advanced user. With the app’s abilities and more than 10 features, this app remains uncluttered and the least bit confusing.

This app is available for $2.99 from the app store.


This is Pandora for online news radio and podcasts. With thousands of podcasts and audio news sources available, not using this app means that you are missing out on amazing and plenty of content that can be thoroughly enjoyed. Swell does an exemplary job in introducing you to these sources, at no cost as it is available for free download, from the app store.


This is a leading alternative to the M7 motion co-processor available in the iPhone 5S. This app comes with a minimalist interface as well as an activity profile feature, which tracks your progress over time. It also has the ability to issue push notifications whenever you hit a new milestone. This app makes working out easy and remaining healthy even easier. It sets up a personalized daily activity target.

It is available for free from the app store.






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