Top 5 GTA 5 Cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360

Some missions can be completed after a few deaths, but there are some maps that seem to be so hard to complete, and then you’d wish to use some cheats in order to complete them without getting a headache. Here are the top 5 GTA 5 cheats for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Who doesn’t want to live forever? Well, you can be invincible… at least in GTA 5. After you enable the cheat, you will be invulnerable to damage from explosions, bullets etc. Keep in mind that this cheat is enabled for 5 minutes, so look at the timer from the bottom right corner. This cheat might come in handy when you are doing some rough missions such as T-1000.

Xbox 360: Right->A->Right->Left->Right-> followed by RB->Right->Left->A-Y

Playstation 3: Right->X->Right->Left->Right-> followed by R1->Right->Left->X->Triangle

Keep your wanted level low

Do you have too many cops on your tail? No problem, because if you use this cheat, it will lower the “wanted level”, meaning that you will have less cops pursuing you.

Xbox 360: RB->RB->B->RT->Right->Left-> followed by Right->Left->Right->Left

Playstation 3: R1->R1->O->R2->Right->Left-> followed by Right->Left->Right->Left

Explosive Bullets

This cheat is extremely fun and useful if you are trying to attack a location that is heavily defended, such as an airport or an army base. This cheat will make all your bullets act like grenades when they hit their targets. You will want to use a highly automatic weapon when having this cheat enabled.

Xbox 360: Right->X->A->Left->RB->RT->Left-> followed by Right->Right->LB->LB->LB

PlayStation 3: Right->Square->X-> followed by Left->R1->R2->Left->Right->Right->L1->L1->L1

Weapons and Ammo

Sometimes you are being chased by the police and you don’t have enough ammo or weapons and it’s hard to get to your local gun dealer to buy these things. Don’t worry because if you use this cheat, you will get weapons and ammo, and it will cost you nothing! When you get out of ammo again, just use this code and it will “re-fill” you with bullets and rockets.

Xbox 360 – Y->RT->Left->LB-> followed by A->Right->Y->Down-> X->LB->LB->LB

Playstation 3 – Triangle->R2->Left->L1->X->Right-> followed by Triangle->Down->Square->L1->L1->L1

Health and Armor

Are you low in health and your armor is kind of “wasted” also? Well, don’t worry about that, because this cheat will maximize your health and armor. This cheat will “refill” your Health and Armor instantly.

Xbox 360 – B->LB->Y->RT->A->X->B-> followed by Right->X->LB->LB->LB

Playstation 3 – O->L1->Triangle->R2->X->Square->O-> followed by Right->Square->L1->L1->L1

We hope that these top 5 GTA 5 cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360 will make your gaming experience more fun.


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