Flappy Bird Apparel – A True Tribute to the Free Download

Gaming merchandize and apparel is nothing new, and after Angry Birds, mobile phone games have stormed the retail merchandize world.

Today, you can see Angry Bird merchandize everywhere you look. Following the in the steps of the first avian hit game on smartphones, Flappy Bird has recently announced its merchandize too. The game’s creator Dong Nguyen has recently partnered with a UK fashion brand to create accessories and apparel based on the game’s theme and the main character – Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird – the Game

Flappy Bird is a very popular game, made so by its simple and yet frustrating gameplay. The game features retro graphics of a highly pixilated bird that flaps its wings to stay around. While keeping it afloat, you also have to maneuver it carefully to avoid hitting any obstacles in the form of green colored pipes and columns. The game was so simple and absorbing, that people get addicted to it and play with without taking any breaks. The huge popularity of the game interfered with its reclusive creator’s personal life, and he finally took it off the app stores.

Flappy Bird Merchandize

To begin with, the UK fashion brand will be coming up with apparel in the form of casual day and night wear. In the next phase, they will roll out underwear, socks and other accessories like hardware. These will contain motifs, branding and characters from the hugely popular game. Even though the game is no longer available to download in various app stores, there is still some speculation that the game will be available soon. This could possibly be a great way to welcome the game back to the world of Smartphones.


Since it is a European fashion brand, based in the UK, which will be rolling out the Flappy Bird apparel and accessories, the merchandise will be first available in Europe and Turkey. The fashion brand is planning to mass produce the merchandize and launch it through specialty retailers. The first line of Flappy Bird apparel should hit the market by autumn, later this year. Since the apparel is being released in phases, it may take some time for it to reach other parts of the world, including North America. So the fans of the game living anywhere other than Europe and Turkey may have to wait for some time before they can get their hands on the game.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Flappy Bird?

The rolling out of Flappy Bird merchandize has nothing to do with the game. The introduction of merchandize based on a popular franchise, is simply good economic sense. The game’s creator, who had pulled the plug on the game, was earning more than $50,000 from the game every day. Taking it off the app stores must have cost him a good amount of money, especially since he would no longer be getting the money from Flappy Bird. The merchandize may give him enough cash flow to work further on the game and plan its re-release; however, all of this is still speculation. Dong did claim, in a recent interview, that the game will be back with a few improvements and more levels added to it. There will be an advisory and a safety warning issued with it this time to prevent people from getting addicted to it.

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