Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 vs Motorola Moto G – Specs and Price Comparison

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The Moto G and the Galaxy Grad 2 share the same hardware, but the second smartphone stands out with its larger screen, higher pixel density and better camera and battery. But its price is also “grand”, so if you want high quality, choose this phone. If you’re not one of those exigent photographers who want very accurate pictures, then the Moto G is the right phone for you.

Displays and sizes

There’s a significant difference of sizes regarding the displays of these two smartphones, although they support the same resolution: 720×1,280pixels. The Moto G has a 4.5inches IPS LCD screen, while the Galaxy Grand 2 has a 5.25inches TFT screen.

Being smaller (129.9×65.9×11.6mm), the Moto G weighs 143grams. The Galaxy Grand 2 is 20grams heavier and it measures 146.8×75.3×8.9mm.

Hardware and OS

The Moto G runs surprisingly well with the 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex A7 processor + Qualcomm MSM8226 (Snapdragon 400 chipset). There are two variants of internal memories: 8 and 16GB, but you can’t expand them.

The Galaxy Grand 2 has the same processor and chipset, but it comes with 8GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 64GB.

Both of these devices run on the Android Jelly Bean OS, but the Moto G has 1GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Grand 2 has 1.5GB of RAM.


The Moto G has a weaker primary camera of 5MP (LED flash and autofocus) and a weaker secondary camera – 1.3MP. The primary camera on the Galaxy Grand 2 is of 8MP and has similar features, while the secondary camera is of 1.9MP.


The Moto G has a non-removable battery, while the Galaxy Grand 2 has a replaceable battery. The capacity of Moto G’s battery is of 2,070mAh, while the Grand 2’s battery lasts longer because it has the capacity of 2,600mAh.


The Motorola Moto G 8GB variant can be found on at the price of 179 dollars, while the 16GB variant costs 200 dollars. The Galaxy Grand 2 Duos costs 313 dollars on the same website.

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