The Sims 4 – EA Explains Why No Toddlers and Swimming Pools

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When a new game in a series gets released, people expect the title to have better features and new stuff to explore.

At the same time, no one would want something that already exists and is one of the popular features to be removed such as swimming pools. It is known that pools weren’t used for the best of purposes, because players would just construct a house with a backyard that doesn’t have an exit and kills their sims by drowning them, which is sad indeed. But, that doesn’t mean the game developers can suddenly remove that feature or the ability to see your young baby grow into an adult.

Both these features weren’t integral to the game but they are the ones loved by everyone who adored the franchise, which will no longer be the case with the Sims 4, confirmed EA. While fans got enraged over it weeks ago, it took a long time for the developers to come forward and make a clear statement of what made them remove these features in the first place. For those of you, who are not so patient enough to read below and know more about those new features that Maxis plans to bring to the game, in association with Electronic Arts, read this – some additional customization options will be available which is why those that were already there got removed, it’s as simple as that.

Everything is New

Everything is new or so they say because according to EA and Maxis, the Sims 4 will have a bunch of interactive, innovative features because of which they didn’t have the time required to build on those that were in the older games. In their official blog post, the company said, “It all begins with the new technology and system that we are bringing to the game. The new base for the Sims is going to be worthwhile, we hope, because we have revamped a lot of things and brought together some good stuff so as to make up for the absent features. The game will have a new AI system, better routing intelligence, brand new animation system, audio positioning tools and new locomotion logic. These are just some of the good things that we are going to talk about but there are so many other additions to the game that are entirely new to the title, which will obviously keep fans busy and give an experience like never before.”

Personalized Sims

‘We are focusing on bringing the Sims 4 to more personalized levels and to go deeper into multiple features that are capable of making the virtual characters feel more alive. They will be able to relate their emotions in a more meaningful manner and you will be able to tell the mood of your sims by simply looking at them,’ said EA in the blog post. The Create a Sim option has been overhauled as well with more features to create a character that resembles what you want and in the Build Mode instead of pools, players will be given the freedom to customize room by room that makes the environment more relatable.

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