WhatsApp Plus Vs WhatsApp – Free Download Available

Currently, we are hearing a lot about the new WhatsApp+ and how it offers additional features and functionalities not seen in the original WhatsApp application. If you want to install WhatsApp+, you have to uninstall WhatsApp first. However, the important question here is whether it is worth installing WhatsApp+.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a mod of WhatsApp. It was developed by Rafalete, a Spanish developer and is available for free. The user license for the application is the same as that for WhatsApp. The icon for the application is blue, and not green as in WhatsApp. It is called WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Plus Holo. It is not clearly known whether WhatsApp+ is legal or not. However, it works very effectively and the installation process is very simple and easy.

Visual Themes

One of the most useful features of the new WhatsApp+ is that it completely changes the appearance of WhatsApp. The user can now select different styles and visual themes in the application. The themes can be directly installed from the application itself and they are all free. The WhatsApp+ application has about 700 different themes. You can download any of these, based on the version, the dates or names. The previous WhatsApp does not offer this feature. The new version will enable the user to make changes not only to the background of the chatting section, but also the lower portion of your contact list along with the text and bar colors.

Additional Emoticons

The new WhatsApp+ also has additional emoticons, apart from those seen in the original WhatsApp. There are many smileys taken from Google Hangouts as well. However, when sending these emoticons, only users who also have the WhatsApp+ installed on their phones can see them. If you have installed the new app and if you send these emoticons, the other user who is using the original WhatsApp will only view a question mark.

Hiding Features

WhatsApp+ is able to offer users the option of hiding the last time that they accessed the application. This feature usually informs other contacts about your presence on the application and whether you are online. However, you can only use the hiding feature if you pay for it, as it is not free. This feature was not originally present in the original WhatsApp, but the latest version of WhatsApp has added this functionality.

File Sharing Features

WhatsApp+ has another feature not present in the WhatsApp application. The former enables the user to make changes to the size limit of files sent, from 2 MB to 50MB. You can also maintain the quality or the size of the file as it is, in case of audio or video files.

Editing Facilities

WhatsApp+ also enables the user to access six menus useful for editing settings and the appearance of the app. Users can make changes to the header and change the size and the color of chat images. They can also make changes to the contacts images and the appearance or the size of notifications that pop up. Several functions related to animations and voice notes can also be disabled. Widget sizes can be changed along with their color. The launching icon color can also be changed.


Recently, Facebook has purchased WhatsApp and it is very likely that there will be some major changes in the official and original application WhatsApp. There might be some more security features as well as enabling of voice calls and other functionalities. Considering these factors, it would be better to stick with the original WhatsApp. However, if you want to customize the look of your application and want greater control over notifications and images, WhatsApp+ is the perfect app for you.

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