Samsung Galaxy S5 Features– Samsung Outdone Themselves

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“Amazing” is one word that can be used to define the Samsung Galaxy S5. Everything about this phone has evolved from the previous Samsung Galaxy S series. The phone’s camera has evolved, to give much clearer and faster pictures.

Features of the Galaxy S5

You Can Create a Playlist by Tilting the Phone

Tilting the Galaxy S5 phone horizontally automatically creates a smart playlist that is based on the songs that you have played currently. This is one feature that is not known to many people.

Quick Connect

The S-Bean has always been the default way of connecting to other Galaxy series phones. There is now another way that is more efficient in doing so. This is through Quick Connect. Simply drag the notification bar down and tap on the option found under the Quick setting icon. As a result, a list of the devices that are nearby will be opened to enable you to connect with them wirelessly.

Colored Folders That Are Customized

If you are a neat freak, then this feature in the Galaxy S5 is designed just for you. You can assign different colors to folders so as to differentiate app groups. You can easily create a folder by pressing for and keep it pressed, on an application that is on the home screen. Tap the ellipses button so as to select a color from five colors that you are given. These include brown, blue, grey, maroon, brown and green.

Private Mode

This is yet another very interesting feature that is included in the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is a fingerprint scanner that takes care of vulnerabilities, to hacks that could expose your personal files. Private Mode is a very handy feature, especially if you take embarrassing selfies or make PayPal payments from the device. Enabling this option via settings will allow you to keep all files or multimedia contents that you consider private, away from prying eyes.

Seamless Call Answering

With the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can pick calls without leaving an application that you are currently using. With most of the Galaxy S phones you cannot answer a call without having to leave an application. This is one of the many annoyances that come with many smartphones. Enabling call notification (you can find it under settings) will allow you to decline or screen calls without having to interrupt any apps that are running.

Color Temperature

You can change the color temperature of a video with the Samsung Galaxy S5. This means that you can now take professional videos with your phone and change the color temperature of the video that you are taking. Simply access the settings option from your phone and tap on the display option. Choose access screen mode. This is where you can activate the professional photo mode. This helps to increase or decrease color intensity.

Clearly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a cut above the rest in the Galaxy series. It also features some trendy accessories that you can purchase along with the phone.

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