Acer Iconia Tab 8 vs Apple iPad Air 2 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

The subjects for this comparison are two tablet devices that were announced for the second half of 2014. Until they are released, we can take a look at them and see which one is going to be the best choice.

Acer Iconia Tab 8

From the available pictures, you can make out that the Iconia Tab 8 is going to be primary white, with a stylish design. We also know that it will run the latest OS from Google, Android KitKat.

Design and Display

The display on this tablet is satisfyingly bright. It measures 8 inches and comes with a 283 ppi pixel density. The display also has a high resolution that helps with the brightness in relation with the other factors mentioned.

Camera, Specs and Battery

One of the most anticipated features of this device is the Zero Air technology, which reduces reflection and makes it easier for you to read on your tablet while under sunlight conditions. It comes with a quad core processor and Intel HD Graphics. No camera details have been shared yet.

iPad Air 2

This device is manufactured by Apple and is set to be released to the general public somewhere before the end of this year. Let’s get into specs and see what it offers.

Design and Display

No official dimensions have been made public just yet, but we already know that this tab will be thinner than its predecessors, and some speculate it will even be lighter by about 15 ounces. One of the key features that is believed to be included in the deal, is the fingerprint scanner which is supposed to be placed on the Home button, so you would have to scan your finger to access the device.

Camera, Specs and Battery

There are a few things that this tab promises, and are quite appealing. It will probably have a fresh version of the iOS operating system, and come with upgraded and expanded widgets and spotlight search, as well as a multi tasking tool, which will split the screen


In the end, it seems like both devices promise some interesting features, and the one you will choose will be determined by your personal preferences. So you might go for the Iconia, or you might think the the iPad Air 2 is better for you.

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