Nexus 5 vs HTC One M8 – Camera Shootout!

HTC One M8 has a stylish aluminum body with the BoomSound speakers and the Duo Camera. On the other hand, Google’s Nexus 5 is not so fancy looking, but offers a good user experience. The Nexus 5 can be purchased at around $350 and it is more affordable, whereas One M8 is nearly double the price at around $650.

HTC One M8 Specs

The HTC One M8 has a primary camera of 4-MP and it comes with autofocus and a dual LED flash feature. It also has a secondary camera of 5-MP resolution. The Taiwanese smartphone camera has a wide aperture of f/2.0 with a 1/3 inches sensor. It can capture more light when compared to the average camera. The pixels are also extra large at 2 microns and help in capturing more light. The HTC One also has a companion camera. This camera focuses on getting in depth information during still photography. You can then do some cool tricks with the pictures. The Smart Flash is another new feature. It is a combination of dual LED flash. However, OIS is not present and you only have software stabilization.

Nexus 5 Camera Specs

There is no wow effect in the Nexus 5 camera, when compared to the HTC One M8 camera. The flagship phone from Google has an optical stabilization feature. The camera comes with a resolution of 8-MP, but the aperture is narrower at f/2.4. The sensor is also smaller when compared to the HTC One, at 1/3.4 inches. It also lacks a secondary flash. It also has a secondary camera or a front camera of 1.3 MP resolutions.

Results are on Par

Though the HTC One M8 sports superior camera features, the results on both the cameras are almost the same, when you look at it on the whole. The Nexus 5 can get more details than the UltraPixel camera of the M8. However, the M8 is able to take pictures that have more realistic appearing colors. The colors on the M8 camera are more natural and true to the actual scenario. As far as the indoor-pictures and those taken in low light conditions are considered, both the phones seem to be the same. However, the ISO levels in the Nexus 5 are usually up to higher levels, increasing the noise in the pictures. On the other hand, the HTC One M8 camera produces stills that are too bright and look unnatural in low light conditions or indoors.

Better Features on HTC One M8

There is a very clear difference in the set of features on both these cameras. The HTC One has the Duo Camera feature, making it ready for some good effects. For instance, you can apply the faux bokeh effect on the background or the foreground, with an artistic effect. The Dimension Plus effect on One M8 is also effective for inducing parallax. On the other hand, the Nexus 5 camera has rather basic features, such as white balance and controls for exposure, and nothing more.

Video Recording

As for as capturing video is concerned, both the cameras are almost the same. Both the HTC One M8 and the Nexus 5 can capture video at 1080p resolution. The camcorder has a video recording of 60 fps, whereas the Nexus 5 records at 30 fps. They offer good results by day. However, the quality is not so good for night recording on both the cameras. There is a lot of digital noise and blur in both the cameras.


It is difficult to produce a clear winner in the two cameras, but the HTC One M8 offers a very rich set of features in its Camera specs.

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