Nokia X2 Dual Sim – Specs, Features and Price

It has only been a few months since Nokia first introduced the android power-X smartphones. Now, Nokia has announced the release of a followed up version in the form of Nokia X2.

The very first Nokia X was released before Microsoft acquired operations of the Nokia smartphone. Nokia X was more of an experimental smartphone that targeted the low-end mobile market. However, it stood out mostly because of its operating system, which was based on Android.

Now there is the Nokia X2, and it is expected to be more powerful owing to the fact that Microsoft has designed it.

The Outlook

The Nokia X2 is a pretty remarkable hand-held device. It shares some similarities with its predecessor, the Nokia X; it comes with the same bright plastic design but has a shiny translucent outside layer.

Other features of Nokia X include a square, chunky shape and multiple colors to choose from. The colors include orange, green, yellow, black and white. As it is customary with all Nokia gadgets, the tones are loud.

The device is a bit bulky as it weighs 129g and stands at 10.4mm in size.

The Display

The display on this phone has been expanded to 4.3 inch but comes with the same 800 x 400 resolution. It runs on a fast dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 CPU and also has a 1GB RAM, which is double that of the original Nokia X. It is worth noting that this is an IPS panel mobile device, which is quite unusual for low-end mobile devices.

The Camera

There are visible improvements on the camera. Originally, the Nokia X had a 3MP camera which has now been improved to a 5MP camera.

Nokia X2 is a dual SIM mobile device. It is also has a home button which sits aside the original back button.

Despite being a Microsoft invention, Nokia X2 is based on the OS of Microsoft’s biggest rival. Also worth noting is how the Nokia X software 2.0 platform resembles that of the windows phone. As expected, services owned by Microsoft such as Skype, OneDrive, Outlook and Bing have been included in this gadget.

Just like its predecessor, the Nokia X2 has a ‘fastlane’ feature which allows easy multitasking. It also adds an ‘apps list’ feature ensuring that the home screen remains clear of used apps.

The Release Dates

The Nokia X2 launched on the 24th of June, 2014 in several countries. It is retailing at just $135.

The Downside

Since this device has android support, one would expect that Google Play would be accessible, but this is not the case. Instead, one is required to visit the Nokia app store or third-party alternatives such as Yandex.

Regardless of the shortcomings, the Nokia X2 is a pretty good phone for the low-end smartphone market. With such consistent improvements, the world is yet to see what Microsoft will do with the Nokia brand in the foreseeable future.

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