Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Miniature Versions

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Samsung announced the S5 Mini this month, the smartphone being a miniature version offering a viable alternative to the flagship smartphone S5 from Samsung.

However, the S5 Mini is not exactly a mid range phone, as compared to the S4 Mini, its predecessor. The S5 Mini sports all the prime features of its flagship model, the S5, such as the heart rate monitor, the fingerprint scanner and also comes with IP67 certification, which means that it is resistant to dust and water, unlike the S4 Mini.


Size and Design


The S5 Mini comes with a higher weight of 120g compared to the 107g of the S4 Mini. The dimensions of the S5 are 131 x 65 x 9.1 mm, compared to the 125 x 61 x 8.9 mm of the S4 Mini. The Galaxy S4 Mini was released last year and it was criticized for not being actually a mini phone and this year’s model, the S5 Min is even bigger. The S 5 Mini has more height than the S4 Mini and is also chunkier, being thicker. The S5 Mini also looks better and has a perforated case, similar to the flagship S5 model.


The screen size of S5 Mini is 4.5 inches and it comes with a Super AMOLED display of 720 x 1280p and a pixel density of 326 ppi. On the other hand, the S4 Mini also has the same Super AMOLED screen technology, with a smaller resolution of 540 x 960p and a smaller pixel density of 256 ppi on a 4.3 inches display. The screen display of the S5 Mini is a great improvement on the S4 Mini.


Performance and Hardware Specs Comparison


The Galaxy S5 Mini runs on a quad core processor of 1.4 GHz, whereas the S4 Mini runs on a dual core processor of 1.7 GHz. Though the processor chip that is being used in the S5 Mini has not yet been revealed, it is expected to come with a quad core chip that clocks 1.4 GHz. This will bring in some noticeable performance improvements when compared to the S4 Mini processor, which has a Snapdragon 400 chip.


OS Specs


The S5 Mini runs on an operating system of Android 4.4 KitKat version with the Samsung Touchwiz user interface, whereas the S4 Mini comes in the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version with the same Samsung Touchwiz UI. The S4 Mini is run on the older Android version but Samsung says that the OS will be upgraded to the latest version very soon. The S5 Mini has the latest Android version and is skinned with the updated version of the Touchwiz from Samsung. This brings in some additional features in the S5 Mini, which is not present in the predecessor. Both the phones come with the usual features, including Google Apps and the Samsung Chaton feature. However, the S5 Mini, in addition, has an S Health application. This is a pre-installed app in the S5 Mini and uses the heart rate monitor in the phone. The S5 Mini also has an additional Power Saving mode, which is also seen in the flagship S5 phone. This feature enables users to have an extended battery life of 24 hours.


Camera and Battery


The S5 Mini comes with an 8 MP camera, with LED flash and autofocus features, and a front camera of 2.1 MP, whereas the S4 Mini comes also has the same features for the primary camera but a lower resolution of 1.9 MP for the front facing camera, though the difference is not so noticeable. The S5 Mini has battery storage of 2100 mAh, with 16GB storage expandable to 64 GB, whereas the S4 Mini comes with a battery capacity of 1900 mAh and 8GB storage expandable to 64 GB.

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