Meet Blackberry Z3 And Get To Know The Amazing Features

The Blackberry Z3 is a smartphone that is both stylish and affordable. This all touch mobile phone was designed for Blackberry users in Indonesia. This phone comes with content and local apps that are customized on a modern 5 inch display and a battery that lasts long.

Blackberry Z3 Features

Blackberry Hub

The Blackberry Hub allows you to access your personal and work emails as well as BBM and social media notifications and updates all in one place. You can peek into the Hub anytime from wherever you are. The Blackberry Z3 Hub is customizable such that you can filter message lists by certain criteria which you activate by using a pinch gesture. It also allows you to identify priority messages instantly.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

The Blackberry Z3 smartphone comes with BBM customized for Indonesians. It connects users to the most popular social networks and gives them a platform for video and voice chat with support for Blackberry natural sound and screen share. The Blackberry natural sound allows you to hear variations and nuances in tone during a BBM voice chat. The conversation will sound like you are in the same room with the person you’re chatting with.

Blackberry Keyboard

The Blackberry keyboard learns the words that you use often and the manner in which you use them. It helps you type more accurately and faster by offering the words up to you. The Blackberry Z3 keyboard has a multi-language support that allows you to type using three different languages.

Time Shift and Story Maker

The Z3 has a time shift camera feature that allows you to capture group shots when everyone has a broad smile and their eyes open. The story maker can be used to bring a collection of videos and photos together, along with effects and music, such that you produce an HD movie that can be shared on YouTube.

Blackberry 10 Browser

This browser is unbelievably fast, with responsive and fluid zooming and scrolling. The browser has a number of advanced features that allow you to privately browse websites and open multiple tabs. It also has a reader mode and makes it very easy to share content. It even allows you to save a web page and view it later.

Instant Previews and Reply Now

Instant previews bring email messages, SMS and BBM to you in real-time even when you are using your Blackberry Z3 phone to run other tasks. You can swipe to the Blackberry Hub to respond to the messages, or even reply to the messages in any app. When you get a call that you cannot answer at that moment, you can put the call in silent mode instantly, and send a response through email, BBM or SMS, telling the caller that you are busy and cannot respond to their call at the moment.

Overall, the Blackberry Z3 is a decent and affordable smartphone that anyone on a budget would love to own.

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