Boom Beach – Slowing the Pace Down

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Boom Beach is a freemium game of base building from Supercell.

Though there are many other games in this genre, Boom Beach is able to set itself apart from others with its absorbing battles and strategic options. The game is kid friendly and offers options for building your forces for offense and defense and for entering into battle with others to get more resources. The game is very similar to the Clash of Clans, as the player has to build defenses and protect his resources. There are also troops to be trained and sent into battle. Though the fundamentals of Boom Beach are similar to Clash of Clans, it has more depth and offers a rich and satisfying experience to players.

Collecting Resources

The game constantly shifts its focus offering greater depth to the game, but occasionally slows down, as the player needs to collect resources, which can be rather tedious. When the player is not battling, he or she has to work at upgrading the base. There are a wide variety of materials that will be needed for upgrading, but there is also a constant scarcity of these materials. Gold is an easy resource to find but it is quite difficult to spend it. In the early parts of the game, wood is a very important resource, as it is needed for building, but later you will also need stonewalls and iron walls.

Path for Upgrading

Upgrading becomes a difficult process due to the resources and also because the improvements made do not apply to all the buildings. Every building in the base must be improved. It might be tempting for players to spend diamonds, the premium currency in the game, in the beginning, in order to increase the pace, but players should resist this. Though the building stages are a bit sedentary, players will eventually be spending a lot of time in combat. In case of Boom Beach, it is not possible to buy units and upgrade several structures simultaneously. Only a single construction command can be issued at a time, which slows down the pace.

Proven Formula

The game has been developed around a proven formula of smash hits like Clash of Clans, with a modern twist to it. The design is polished and simplistic. There is also an effective tutorial that offers a clear guidance and teaches players how to upgrade their base and make attacks. It might be a little frustrating that you don’t have direct control over the troops while in combat, but you can choose the landing zones and make use of flares. The game begins in a simple manner and then gets complex gradually. The system is a little automatic, leading to amazing victories as well as defeats at times. Players can make use of a support ship for shooting flares and send first aid kits or guide missiles into the enemy camp, all of which are highly exciting. The entire gameplay is a mix of strategy before the battle along with real time attacks, offering an engaging experience that few games offer.

Interesting Twist

Even when you are offline or not playing, battles continue to take place and you can find out about the attacks when you sign in. This provides an interesting as well as terrifying touch to the game. Players get a special sense of pride while they watch the replay of any attacks that they managed to thwart. You can also learn from your defeats, as it teaches you better ways of laying out the beach base. Tactical placing of your base buildings is a crucial factor in this game. There are many others in the game playing with you, but you cannot connect with the other players, as there is no chat feature or any other means of interaction.


Boom Beach can keep players enthralled and engrossed, but the requirements are too much and the progress is rather slow.

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