Is WhatsApp Dying In Popularity?

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most successful social mobile apps.

However, it is facing increasing competition from a lot of similar apps like Line, WeChat, Viber and even Hike. Almost all other apps have some features which WhatsApp lacks and this is increasing the amount of pressure on WhatsApp. Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, there were rumors that Facebook will bring about too many changes. However, it was not so.

Facebook stayed true to its promise of not altering much when it came to WhatsApp and kept it a separate identity. Although, a few changes were introduced, so far they have been for the good as Facebook brought about the much needed privacy changes.

Line Rises in Numbers

One of the top competitors, Line, is offering strict competition to WhatsApp. Line too is about to reach a tally of 500 million users and chasing at the heels of WhatsApp, it has filed for $10 billion IPO. The fact that Line offers free calls while there is no such option in WhatsApp is another reason for people shifting to other apps.

There are various features which WhatsApp lacks and here we will list some of them to give you an idea of what are the probable points that WhatsApp lacks when compared to its competitors.

No Stickers to Enliven the Conversation

Almost all other apps like WeChat, Line, and Hike will offer you an exciting blend of different types of stickers. While WhatsApp offers a huge number of emoticons but they are not like stickers. Once people get addicted to using stickers, they are likely to stick by them.

Free Calls

Regardless of the number of messages we can send, we need to make calls. WhatsApp has no option for making free calls. Line and Viber allow you to make calls for free and if you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to talk with ease without the hassles of call drop or noise and other interference too.

Adding Friends

While this might not be a feature that everyone needs, but “shake to find new friends” is an innovative feature nevertheless. There was a time when it was predominantly found in dating apps; however, things have diversified over the years. There is no harm in making new friends with whom you can hang out with. The same feature allows you to find friends who are either shaking their phone at the same time or even located closely.

WhatsApp has no such option and you can only chat with people who have your number or the ones whose contact you already have.

Despite the absence of all these features, it would be wrong to write off WhatsApp. It is still an extremely popular choice. The smooth interface, the ease of use makes it one of the top rated apps. No doubt, the amount of competition that it faces is increasing every day. The fact that WhatsApp comes with a free subscription for a year and you have to pay for it later, is another reason why users may make a switch to other apps.

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