E3 2014 – Top 4 Announcements at the Year’s Biggest Gaming Show

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 (E3 2014), held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 10 to June 12 2014, ended amongst much fanfare and media glare.

This is the biggest show on earth for gaming companies and enthusiasts alike and allows the companies to showcase and announce their upcoming games and future plans. E3 2014 also offers a platform for large scale publicity, as a number of media houses and major dailies cover the gaming festival, in order to bring the news and updates of the latest developments in the gaming world, to their fans and readers. Some of the most important announcements that were made at this year’s show have been compiled below.

The Play Station TV

The ball was set rolling by Sony which made the surprise announcement that the Play Station TV could hit American and European shores by as early as Fall this year. The small but really feature-intensive device boasts of competing neck to neck with giants like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. It is a set top box used for streaming with the additional benefit of having access to a variety of games, from the Sony library, meant to be played on PS4, PS3, PS2 and other flagship devices. The pricing has been done on par with other similar offerings in the market, while the additional gaming option is a huge plus for the product. It, indeed, was the best announcement of E3 2014.

Nintendo’s Major Announcements

The game maker, Nintendo, which has been struggling of late, to keep up with the competition in the gaming market, came out with some crowd pleasing announcements. The company announced a new franchise, The Legend of Zelda, which caught many a people’s eyes because of the game setting which is open world and progresses in a non linear fashion. The next announcement, Star Fox, also took people by surprise, as not much was revealed about it, except the fact that it was under development and would be one of the best games from the company so far.

Alpha Steam Machine by Alienware

Alienware, as the name speaks for itself, revealed the pre-final build version of the Alpha Steam Machine, which was a super hit with the crowd, especially among the people who want to keep a library of PC games without handling the fuss that PCs create. The machine is still in development, but it ran very smoothly and was easy to operate, making it a much anticipated machine for the game lovers. The Steam OS and the Steam Controller have already created much hype among the fanatics.

More Games from Sony

Sony was full of game announcements and hence was a people’s favorite throughout. The announcement of The Little Big Planet 3 was an unexpected one and took many by surprise. Other games in the kitty were BloodBorne and the Project Beast, of which, more features were revealed. Also, the classic adventure game, Grim Fandango, caught many eyeballs and made Sony steal all the limelight from the likes of Microsoft, Ubisoft and others at the E3 2014.

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