iPhone 6 – Featuers, Revealed Secrets and More Rumors On-Board

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The iPhone 6 release date is just a couple of months from now. Rumors are rampant and coming in thick and fast.

The latest rumors report the device to be coming equipped with sapphire glass screen and latest feedback options.

An array of reports suggests that the iPhone 6 would come equipped with a larger screen and design to outclass its Android rivals. Rumors are also aired that the much-awaited iPhone 6 would come equipped with a super slim profile, as that of the Apple iPod touch.

Apple Incorporated, created a stir in the market, with its plastic body release of the iPhone 5C. The device is available in a multitude of color options offering a variety to the users. However, the rumor goes that the company would incorporate the design of its first phablet offering, into the iPhone 6 smartphone. The only sound and logical reason appears to be to compete with the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

What has been revealed until date?

While the rumors on the release of iPhone 6 are on the rise, it would be difficult to differentiate facts from fiction. The company has been working with sapphire glass since long and the rumor of Apple incorporating the material into the iPhone 6 displays, cannot be ruled out as a rumor. It seems more of a fact than fiction.

The Sapphire screen

Sapphire glass is known for its toughness and scratch resistance features. It would make an ideal display for the iPhone 6 smartphone.

Thinner Screen

The iPhone 6 rumors have been more focused on the screen size of the smartphone. The latest leaks revealed that the iPhone is expected to come with a 6mm screen that would be 1.6m thinner than the iPhone 5S smartphone. It would also beat the super slim 6.18mm thick Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone.

More rumors follow on the design of the iPhone 6 smartphone. It is believed that the device would come equipped with a curved display and round edges.

4.7 inches of Screen Size

Another rumor regarding iPhone 6 reveals that the smartphone would come equipped with a 4.7 inch display. Apple jumped from 3.5 inch to 4 inch displays with the iPhone 5.

However, the device would still be smaller than its Android based counterparts.

Features Included

The iPhone 6 is expected to come equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, increased screen, a 64-bit processor and enhanced camera. The iPhone 6 is likely to retain its 8MP sensor, similar to its predecessor. However, the integrated snapper would be undergoing improvements in terms of glass optics for an improved image clarity and quality.


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