How Google Hangouts Can Help with Screen Sharing

Google Hangouts is one of the most recent innovations by Google.

Developed to serve as an on the spot video chat and messaging system, it replaces three of Google’s earlier messaging services that include Hangouts, Talk and Google+ Messenger. For conversation between two or more people, you can use this messenger online either on your computer or as a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS smartphones. One of the most essential features of Google Hangouts is that it supports the concept of screen sharing, which can be very useful and helpful most of the time.

Tips for Screen Sharing with Google Hangouts

Do you want to illustrate a project you are currently working on from home with your colleagues at office? The screen sharing feature of Google Hangouts allows you to do just this. Log on to your Hangouts profile and get started with video calling. When the call gets connected, click on the Screenshare button. This button is located on the left side of the screen. A window featuring the list of active programs is displayed. Choose the program or programs you want to share from this list. You can share either only one program or all the active programs. Once you have selected the program to be shared, click Share selected window. The program to be shared opens in a new window and is displayed to the attendees. Close the window or click the screen sharing button again after the sharing process is complete. Alternatively, you can just share your desktop or a Google doc that you have uploaded. Some other situations where you can rely on Google Hangouts for screen sharing is to get assistance for troubleshooting a program, show movies and share pictures.

There are a few interesting options that you can choose from when you opt for screen sharing. The Full Screen option opens the shared program on a full screen covering the entire monitor. The Google Hangouts option shares your hangout screen along with the window or program being shared. Remember that choosing this option allows attendees to view the list of people in your Hangouts contacts. When you choose the Google Chrome window, all browser activities are displayed to the attendees along with the shared program or window.

A key point to be borne in mind is that Google Hangouts can be used for sharing screens only from a computer. The mobile version does not support this feature. However, you can use screen sharing to display your screens with a person accessing the app from his or her mobile phone.

One thing worth noting is that when you use Google Hangouts to share your screen, your attendees will be able to see the list of open programs. So, it is a good idea to close all windows that have confidential information before you get started with screen sharing. However, you can rest assured that screen sharing is definitely safe with Google Hangouts. Although you can see what the person with whom you are sharing the screen with is doing, he or she cannot control your screen and make any changes to what you are sharing.

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