Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku – Turn Your HDTV Smart with the Right Stick

The streaming hardware scenario is very crowded at the moment with plenty of new entrants and they are getting smaller than ever.

The comparison of Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku will give you a clear picture of what will best suit your needs because even though, they are all made to stream content, the eco system drastically differs from one another.

Chromecast – Google Friendly

Without a doubt, Chromecast strictly follows the Google guidelines always like their every other product. The company has a strong history of introducing new software or hardware which will further bring the user into their ecosystem. Chromecast is no different. The streaming stick is compact in size and is priced at $35, which makes it the cheapest of them all. If you own an Android smartphone or tablet or both, then think no further and buy this one because it is designed to seamlessly integrate with your devices. It works great with Chrome browse when casting YouTube content, has a good set of channels to watch and strictly for Google lovers. The product is expected to get new features and more channels with future updates.

Apple TV – For iPad, iPhone, Mac Owners

For users who own an iPad or Mac, Apple TV is an ideal hardware to compliment their devices. It is priced on the higher side which is a usual occurrence with the brand and can be purchased for $100. The product is a streaming box and not a stick like Chromecast. It works amazingly well with your Apple devices and for people who have purchased a lot of content from the app store, including plenty of movies, this is the best fit. The number of channels is limited though but the company recently added HBO Go and more is coming soon. They have the basics, including Netflix and Hulu. It is meant to be used with other Apple products to get the best out of it.

Roku – All-Round Entertainment

A majority of customers would agree that the Roku streaming stick is the best one available in the market. The stick is priced at $50 which puts in a sweet spot and even though it is $15 more than Chromecast, the product is convenient to use, comes with a bundled remote control and has a universal selection of channels. Besides providing over 1000 channels including Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go, the Roku streaming stick allows users to stream content from smartphones, tablets, and computer. The design is slim and the product easily comes out as a clear, unbiased winner in the Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku for multiple reasons. First of all, it is not stuck in the Google or Apple ecosystem which makes it easy for users to pair multi-brand devices with it. Next is its price, size, ease of use and the sheer number of channels available.
Recently, Amazon Fire another streaming box has been launched as well and the competition to entertain you through your HDTV is high. It will be a short wait to see how the market changes and people adopt the best out of this lot.

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