Camera360 Ultimate – Take a Look Around in a Completely New Way

This rich camera app by a Chinese company Pinguo made waves when it first appeared and it even ranked 91st in PC World’s Top 100 list of best products of 2011.

Back then, what distinguished it from the competition was the sheer number of available filters and modes it offered. Sadly, a big obstacle to actually use them all was the frustratingly complicated interface with its awkward menus and lack of tutorial. A way to crop or rotate your photos after you’ve taken them was also bafflingly absent. But this time around, things have changed, and oh my, for so much better.

What’s New with Camera360

The latest version of Camera360 Ultimate has just been released for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It offers a lot of improvements, most notably the basic editing functions which were sorely lacking are now here. The interface is now much more user-friendly though it might still take you some time to get used to it.

Give Your Photos a Highly Professional Look

This app is free but it outstrips all but the best camera apps. That’s not actually surprising, seeing as it originates from a paid app of a similar name which is now discontinued. The sheer number of filters is stupefying but all of them are enjoyable to use. There is a lot of variation in each category, for example, two filters help selfie-lovers hide skin irregularities while the third gives fuller, redder lips. Yet another filter can make a certain primary color pop-out by toning down the other two.

A number of capture modes is also available. The most interesting one is Audio mode, which captures a few seconds of surrounding sound with the picture. Though its usefulness is questionable and it may not produce a file that works properly on all devices, who knows what might become of it in the next update. It’s the thought that counts. Nonetheless, all modes are immensely fun to experiment with.

Hands down the Best Camera App for You

Management of photos is nothing special, but the Camera360 Ultimate isn’t intended as an editing app after all and it would be unrealistic to expect it to do everything. Its true power lies in what it can do with a picture before it’s taken. Now you can even upload your photos to the cloud, so you don’t have to fear you’ll accidentally delete another picture ever again.

Some modes and effects seem to be there just to fill the roster while others can give awesome results which you’ll want to proudly show off on social networks. There are so many combinations of effects and modes that you’re guaranteed to find at least one that looks awesome. Then be prepared for many gasps of amazement from people who see your works of art. If you still have any doubts, head over to the official website and check out the “Before” and “After” comparison which is behind the “Camera360 Effects” link. You won’t regret downloading this app, just remember to set a big part of your day free for trying it out.

If you find yourself always searching for that one-stop app that can provide everything that you need for your photos, you need no longer look far. Take a selfie, capture an important moment, and keep track of an important event with Camera360. And you have plenty of things that you can do with one photo within a single app. No need to hassle yourself with opening several apps at once just to do a few things for a photo. We all know this sometimes slows down the phone system.

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