Halo 5 – Master Chief for the Xbox One

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A Big Game

‘Halo 5: Guardians’ is one of the biggest games, which have been announced, for the Xbox One.

Halo is the franchise game for the Xbox from 2001, beginning with Combat Evolved that influenced millions of players into buying the Xbox. Microsoft is hoping that this game will also offer the same type of lift to the Xbox One, the next generation console.

There is a lot of news that is confirmed about Halo 5, but a lot of gossip as well. The cinematic trailer that was seen at E3 provides the source for a lot of this news and gossip. The trailer shows a cloaked figure walking through the desert. Suddenly, a huge robot comes up from the sand and flies up in the sky. The cloaked figure looks at a crystal chip from a dog tag. The robot throws out a blast of wind knocking the hood off the figure and showing that it is the Master Chief.

Leaked Story

As for the storyline of the new and upcoming Halo 5, the Chief is probably going to face many more challenges and will have to make great efforts for staying alive. He has to make herculean efforts in a galaxy, as sentient life faces much danger of being hunted and killed. Though these details are not official, the information is a general one. However, if gamers are wondering who is wearing the armor of the Master Chief, they can be assured that it is John 117, as Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios has confirmed that the game stars John 117 in an interview after the E3.

Agent Locke

The box released officially for ‘Halo 5: Guardians’, reveals an armored figure that stands in the desert. There is also a mirror image showing Master Chief present in the same location. There are speculations that this could be Spartan Palmer or Cortana. However, Josh Holmes, who is the Executive producer, confirmed that it is a completely new character. It has also been confirmed by Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries that the new character goes by the name of Agent Locke, who seems to be a human character. Nothing else is known about the character. Agent Locke, however, seems to be present more significantly or prominently when compared to the Master Chief. However, it is not likely that Agent Locke will be the star of the story, as Ross has confirmed that the story is a continuation of Master Chief.

Halo: Nightfall

This is a digital series with live action being produced by Ridley Scott and is being directed by Sergio MImica Gezzan of Battlestar Galactica. Fans will probably get more news about the story details of Halo 5 after the release of Halo: Nightfall. This is because it has been touted that this series will tell the original story of the new character, who plays a significant role in ‘Halo 5: Guardian’. It was also confirmed by Bonnie Ross at the E3 interview, that the new character mentioned is that of Agent Locke. So, Nightfall will actually familiarize fans with the character Agent Locke, so that they are prepared when he appears in his game debut in ‘Halo 5: Guardian’. It is expected that Nightfall will be released during the fall of this year and the new episodes of the serial will come out every week. The series will include the Halo: The Master Chief Collection as well.


The trailer shows the Master Chief holding a data chip, which is probably the device that held Cortana. Cortana is his A.I. companion in earlier Halo games, but she started deconstructing in Halo 4, as she had gone past the life span of seven years. She saves his life and then leaves before she shuts down forever.

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