5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 6

We all know that iPhone 6 is the latest device in the market and many consider it to be the best phone ever released.

However, there are many negative aspects people find with iphones and hence avoid apple phones altogether. Let us take a look at some of the reasons that should stop you from grabbing the iPhone 6.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy?


  1. Same old camera. While many users expected Apple to upgrade the camera to a 13-MP sensor, the company decided to stick with the 8-MP rear camera. While there are internal improvements due to the 64 bit chip and new features, it is still the same camera.


  1. The absolutely insane price. While the basic version for off contract version starts at $650, the 128 GB version of the device is expected to go up to $1000. Think about it for a second.


  1. Low battery capacity. The company claims the new 64bit A8 chip helps battery efficiency. While that might be true, the capacity is set at 1800 mAh, which is way lower than other competitive devices on the market. Apple promises 12 hours of talk time on 3G.


  1. Screen resolution is not something to die for. While Apple has increased the screen size, the resolution remains an area that needs improvement. With just 750×1334 screen resolution and 326ppi, the iPhone 6 offers approximately 100ppi less than competitors.


  1. New technology from Apple. Almost everything is new on the iPhone 6. However, while new is always better, with Apple that is not the case always. Several other devices have seen their fair share of problems from the second they hit the market. The latest example is the criticism the iOS 8 got, for the upgrade. With the upgrade, users lost access to HealthKit and the upgrade eats way too much memory space.


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