GTA 5 – Things You Will Get In High Life Update

The information revealed by a representative from Rockstar is definitely not crystal clear but it will give you a glimpse of the things to expect when High Life update lands on GTA 5. There were too many speculations that made players wonder whether the company will design an entirely new city to live in and lead the life of a rich gangster. Putting an end to such theories, a rep spoke up from the company adding that they are working on some surprising elements that will definitely be worthy additions. The new update will bring brand new interiors and it will most probably be added to existing buildings that can be purchased later on. During the blog chat, players literally had hundreds of questions and the guy from Rockstar definitely had a tough time trying to answer them all. When the official announcement was made by the company, they added that there will be new apartment options to purchase and now it has been clarified that there will specific changes in the interior. The players will be spending their money earned by completing missions and tasks in these properties. They will also have the freedom to buy more than one at a time and own them all without any hassles. It will allow them to buy luxury cars as well and everything that is purchased can be safely stored in the garage for future use. New Vehicles in the Garage Every time you buy a new apartment, you will gain access to a garage that can be used to store your vehicles. The arrangement of the cars will be based on the order that you place them. If you drive a car first, it will be the last one available inside. Whenever you buy more luxury apartments, there will be the option to have more garages that means there will be plenty of space to hold all your luxury purchases. The number of apartments an individual can buy has not been revealed by the company and it is expected that they will make an official announcement only when the High Life update is released. Even though, the rep has spoken up on the Rockstar blog, there is no clear word on when the release will take place. There will be some new vehicles to look out for as well. They are four in number and are the sports car from Pegassi Zentorno, Dinka thrust motorcycle among others. The stores will have some new additions as well including the bullup rifle and a new thread. For a long time, players are expecting to be able to do heists but it is unclear whether it will be part of this update. However, there will be some additional high paying jobs in this according to the recent news. Therefore, you can keep your fingers crossed and wait. The release of High Life updates brings the other anticipated update co-op heists really closer and there is the GTA online to look out for. There are plenty of issues with the online feature and Rockstar should come up patches that will make GTA 5 a lot smoother game to play against those who cheat.

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